We Are Proud Indians Not "Bloody Indians", Harbajan Singh To Racist Pilot


Indian off spinner Harbhajan Singh gave a stern reply to Jet airways pilot who allegedly abuse and assault two passenger on the flight saying,”  we are not Bloody Indians but proud Indians.” Harbhajan Singh told ANI,”  I just want to tell that pilot that we are not Bloody Indians, we are proud Indians. And it’s better you go to your home and earn your money there. We don’t need your services here in India. We have lots of capable people here in India to fly us around here.” He added, ” if any foreign pilot comes to India and tells us, Bloody Indians,  get out of my flight. It is not right and is not acceptable at all.”

In a series of tweets Harbhajan Singh said, a pilot named Bernd Hoesslin racially abused and assaulted two passengers on the flight. One of them is the person with physical disability. Earlier, he brought an alleged incident of racism and assault by a jet airways pilot and that incident took place on April 3. He tweeted,”  so called this Bernd Hoesslin a pilot with jet airways called my fellow Indian ‘ you bloody Indian get out of my flight’ while he is earning here. He not only racist but also assaulted a lady and abused a physically challenged man. This is disgraceful and shame on jet airways.”

He said strict action must be taken against such things and should not be tolerated and allowed in our country. Proud Indians lets get together and sort this problem.
While the airlines de rostered the pilot and assured that the appropriate action would be taken as per company policy and norms. As a part of its corrective action and according to company norms, Jet Airlines has already issued an apology to guest regretting the incident and will update the guest with series result of investigation.

Jet Airways said in its statement, ” The company takes a serious action of such incidents. Company has strict employee code of conduct reflecting its value and ethos which is clearly mentioned in prescribed service condition of employees and its adequately emphasized during internal training session.”

In addition to its earlier statement the airlines has already noted guest feedback in this concern and the alleged pilot will remain de rostered since the day of event pending of full fledge internal investigation that is currently under investigation process. Demanding fast action against racist approach of expat pilot at airline and the National Aviator Guild and had called for disallowing such pilots in cockpit. NAG also banned its one member not to fly with expat in cockpit after one of the foreign pilot allegedly assaulted trainer in Bangaluru and in response to NGA’s allegations the airlines said it has strict and common code for all the employees. Jet Airways has nearly 60 expat commanders who mainly operate its Boeing 737 and ATR FLEET.


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