Selfie Gone Wrong, 21 Years Girl Died While Taking Selfie In Mumbai


No one expected that a 21-years old girl has to bid her life while taking a selfie. A 21-years old girl, Bachelor of Engineering student from Tamil Nadu had to give her life while taking a selfie with her mother and sister at Bandra Bandstand, Mumbai. While taking a selfie, she slipped and immediately drowned in the water. As per Police, this shocking incident took place around 3.30 pm on Monday near the Bandra Fort. With the help of local fishermen and fire brigade officials, the body of the girl was found near Bandra-Worli sea link after two years.

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The police said that the girl (Meenakshi Priya Rajesh) came to the city on April 30 after finishing her final exams along with her elder sister, mother, and father. They were staying in a hotel at Saki Naka in Andheri. They had hired a cab for the whole day as per the police. On the anonymity, an officer from the Bandra police station revealed that Meenakshi wanted to take a selfie at the edge of the rocky patch. “Meenakshi and her family visited several places and ended up at Bandra fort.

Meenakshi said she wanted to take a selfie with her mother and sister at the edge of a rocky patch with the sea in the background,” officer said on anonymity. There was also a sign board saying not to put up at that spot and tourists to not take selfies there by the Mumbai police as after last year’s incident when two people had drowned, of which one was also a political leader, who jumped in to save one of the victims.

According to the officer, the Meenakshi’s father warned him not to go, but she ignored. “Meenakshi’s father even warned her, but she ignored him,” officer added. The police said that a wave hit Meenakshi and she lost her balance after that from the rocks as it was a high wave, and then she drowned away into the water. The officer revealed that they could only hear the voice of a girl screaming for help. “They could only hear her scream for help, calling her father,” an officer said.

After the incident, the police was immediately informed about it by the locals and following this, fire brigade officials and emergency ambulance were called to the spot straight away. “We located the body at 6 pm on Monday and after we got her to the ambulance, the doctor declared her dead, after which she was then taken to Bhabha Hospital,” an officer revealed. The case has been registered as an Accidental Death Report. We just request to youngsters that before taking selfie or picture, you must assure that the place is safe or not. Otherwise, any misfortune could happen like this one.


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