All Family Members Killed In Road Accident, Left Small Girl Orphan


A six month old girl was orphaned after her entire family died in an accident on Sunday evening.  The incident took place at Around 6 pm when a man named Ram Sajeevan slowed his bicycle at traffic signal. As soon as he stopped his bicycle a silver colored Santro hit the bicycle and rammed it flinging the family on the other side of median.

The accident took place when the family was going to buy medicines for baby as she was suffering from fever. Incident happened at outer Delhi’s Narela. The police came on the spot and arrested the car driver and said all the three family members sustained fatal head injuries. But the driver was soon released on bail.

The number plate of car fell at the accident spot and which helped a lot to trace the car driver. The eyewitnesses collected all the broken parts of the car and all the number plate and handed them over to the cops on the incident spot. The car driver was arrested from his house after scanning the CCTV footage from the area and also the car was seized by the police.

While Sajeevan wife sundara was riding pillion on the cycle and her son mukesh was on the front of his father’s seat. Sharda  prashad who is sundara ‘s elder brother and lives in the adjacent house to family, ” I was behind them and was riding my bicycle when I saw them flung to other side of the road and head hitting the road.  Car driver is driving the car at very high speed.”

“Prashad said, he rushed all the three family members to nearby hospital but the boy died on the way and his parents were referred to Lok Nayak hospital but they succumbed to the injuries and died in the evening. Sundara died at 3pm and Sajeevan died at 5am.

“They have a six month old daughter Riddhi who is too young to understand what is happening to her. She has not stopped crying and used to staying near her parents and brother all the time. It’s difficult to feed her as her mother is no more for feeding her.” a man told TOI.

The family was a native of Amethi , Uttar Pradesh and  lived in a rented flat in Narela . Their family members said that their dead bodies have been sent to their village. Prashad said, ” I will take the custody of Ridhi. “

Deputy Commissioner of police Rishi Pal said that this was the case of causing death due to negligence and rash and also due to negligence of driver and the case was registered at Narela police station.


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