Modi Ji Help Me, I Want To Marry My Girlfriend


This is the story of a mechanical engineering student who wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to help him to get married to his girlfriend, Who presently works as a nurse in a hospital. He appeal to the Prime Minister to send some person to Chandigarh who can convince their parents to get marry them both.  This is not a joke! It  is among the one of the frivolous requests from Chandigarh which is send to the Prime Minister’s office everyday through the public centralized grievance redress.

It’s nearly 60% of the grievance system in Chandigarh whose complaints and requests are solved and brings smile on their faces. Meanwhile,  one resident wrote a letter to Prime Minister that the Chandigarh police provide a personal helicopter so that the officers can reach  at the crime spot on time .The city is spread in 114 sq km geographical area with the  population of more than 10 lakh .

There is another problem  feel by one of the residents in Chandigarh that somebody was plucking flower from his garden without taking his permission and the authority was not taking necessary action. In a month near the Chandigarh administration receives about 400 grievances  that is being received through the PMO’s grievance system  to the Chandigarh  administration. There are so many grievance which are too personal in nature.

All the Complaints through the centralised grievance system go directly to PMO grievance system where they are sorted by city and sent to the various authorities in each city to take action.


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