How Many Students Have Been Placed: HRD To New IIM's


Alarmed by the poor placement records at New IIMs  the Ministry of Human resource development has asked them to submit details about all the recruitment and salaries of the students from the batch 2015-2017. As the New IIMs have been struggling a lot to attract the companies to recruit students, although the placement records was fairly smooth in older institutes. IIM Rohtak told TOI that it has not been able to place 14 students, while IIM Sirmaur from Himachal Pradesh did not give any details regarding the placement of students.

On The other and IIM Amritsar which was established two years ago said that its all students got placed in good companies and the average salary is approximately 11 lakh per annum, which is far lower than old IIMs where average salary of students lies in the range of Rs.24 lakh to Rs 50 lakh. The department of higher education asked for the details of final placement from IIMs from Amritsar, Sirmaur,  Rohtak, Ranchi, Udaipur, Trichy, Kashipur , shillong, sambalpur, Nagpur,  Raipur, Bodhgaya and Visakhapatnam.

Ministry of Human resource and development has asked the institutes to provide details like average, median, highest and lowest salaries of selected students and asked to evaluate for the reason of poor placements in institutions. Ministry has also asked for the steps which is being taken to ensure 100% placement in IIMs. In response to MHRD letter,  IIM Amritsar officials said that its first batch had 44 students who received 48 offers from 60 companies that came for campus placement in institution and the highest salary offered in that institute is Rs.17 lakh per annum. The IIM Amritsar institute is mentored by IIM kozhikode.


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