How Much Data Is Secure In Aadhaar Card Tells UID


Seeking to put to rest fears that use of fake Aadhar Card and leak of data a security threat, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) ,CEO , Ajay Bhushan Panday said that UID  systems are secure and this system can deter  terrorist and money launderers.

The use of fake Aadhaar Card will prove more dangerous to criminals as  compared to spurious election card and ration cards because by using UIDs biometric data it  becomes easy to identify an individual with more certainty.

UIDAI CEO,  Ajay Bhushan told TOI, ” if any person has fake UID number or Aadhaar Card number then he will stuck his whole life with that fake identity number. ” if someone is planning to commit any crime or an terror action were to open a bank account using UID number,  then it would become easy for authorities to find it more easier to track him.

Ajay Bhushan Panday also argued that breach of privacy with government agencies that is displaying Aadhar Card linked information on their websites did not mean that your biometrics were compromised.

He said,” It is totally  incorrect,  misleading or we can say that even irresponsible,  to say that Aadhaar has been breached  and people’s privacy is endangered.” Aadhaar enrollment is done through registrar, state government, banks,common Service centre which employ enrolment agencies empanelled  by UIDAI. Aadhaar enrollment is done only through special customised software which is provided by UIDAI. Every day operator have to log into machine by using UID number and their bio-metric and the whole data is encrypted and no-one other than UIDAI server can read the data and makes the Aadhar enrollment system very secure.

Aadhar Act which prohibits sharing of biometric information with anyone including police is very secure system and as the sharing of non bio-metric data which is available with UIDAI is concerned , It can be shared only by the permission of district judge and any unauthorized sharing of Data is criminal offence with a jail of upto three years.


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