Indonesia To Ban Hizb-ut-Tahrir Group In Jakarta Protest


It is the Government’s very first and the major counter strike against the organisations associated with the huge protests done in Jakarta against the city’s Christian Governor Ahok and comes as a court hands down its decision today in his profanity trial.

Most analysts expect Ahok to be sentenced of blasphemy, although as per prosecutors he should get a 12-month suspended jail term. That will enrage his most vocal opponents, as they will gather for the final time outside a court in Central Jakarta this morning in order to push for his jailing.

According to them he has insulted Islam by saying “Islamic voters were being misled by clerics” who claimed that the holy book of Islam that is Koran prevents Muslims from voting for a Christian. Professor Tim Lindsey an Indonesian law expert, said “it was likely he would be convicted, but his sentence may be light.”

“The forces prepared against Ahok during the election include some very hard line Islamist organisations and vigilante groups, and some quasi-criminal groups such as the FUI, the Islamic Community Forum and the FPI, the Islamic Defenders Front. ” At one point, these organisations has brought out well over half a million people onto the streets, and in an Indonesian political context that sort of mob presence is very frightening to politicians as well as public servants.”

It’s almost 2 long decades since big street protests led to the culmination of President Suharto’s rule. ‘We are legal, in order, peaceful’ Hizb ut-Tahrir is not a terrorist group it says, “it is against violence, but it does want sharia law for Indonesia or the creation of an Islamic caliphate in the country. Security minister, Wiranto, said, “authorities would start legal proceedings for banning the group, which has almost 100,000 members.

In his statement he said, “We want to safeguard the embryo from developing and disrupting public order, and disturbing the existence of a nation that’s trying to achieve prosperity and justice.” This decision would be a turning point fr the Governement as well as the citizens of Indonesia!


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