Digital Case Management System, Modi Launches New System In Supreme Court


The new digital integrated case management system of the Supreme Court has been launched by the PM Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister flagged off the new system in New Delhi, which is a first step taken by the Supreme Court in the direction of becoming digital and paperless. The Chief Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar was also present at the inauguration of this new facility. With this new system, it will become easy for the litigants to access data and retrieve information online.

The fees now could be calculated online under this system and it will improve the transparency as per the court. The PTI reported that Chief Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar said that he would like to integrate the system with 24 high courts and lower courts. In March this year, Chief Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar had said that they will soon end the practice of filling huge case records to reduce the bulky paper books and it can also be seen as an eco-friendly initiative.

Now, there is no requirement of copies of printed files in the Supreme Court as the top court can collect all such records from lower courts and high courts electronically. While speaking at the inauguration, Chief Justice Khehar said that “It will help usher transparency, reduce manipulation and help the litigant know about the progress of the case on a real-time basis”. “Every central and state government department will know if they have been made a party to the case and help them prepare accordingly,” he added.

The PM Modi also appreciated this new system and said that it would reduce the number of pending cases, which is a big concern chief justices have shared. “Accepting technology can’t happen if only some people are keen on it. The scale has to be larger. E-governance is easy, effective and economical. It is also environment-friendly. Paperless offices will benefit the environment,” PM Modi said. The Justice Khehar also said that it will help the bar and will not add any workload.

All the process and court fee would be calculated online and it will help the litigant about the case engaged in. It was held at Vigyan Bhavan and the event was also attended by Law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and other senior Judiciary members. Digital India has been an important part of PM Modi’s agenda since he came to power. There is no doubt in this initiative that it is going to be very helpful in future and also promotes Digitalization.


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