China Test New Guided Missile In Bohai Sea


Today China said, in the Bohai Sea near the tense Korean peninsula, the country has successfully tested a new guided missile to promote the operational ability of its armed forces and “effectively respond to threats” to national security. The defence ministry said in a brief statement, the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force have tested this new missile in the Bohai based on annual training programme.

It said, the missile was designed for raising the operational capability of the armed forces in order to “effectively respond to threats” to national security, adding that the test had “achieved an predictable result.” However, in was not specified in the statement that when the missile was tested. It was just mentioned that the test was carried out recently.

No further information about the missile the ministry has released, state-run CGTN reported today. The Bohai Sea is situated at the coasts of Tianjin municipality, Shandong, Hebei and Liaoning provinces. This test was carried amid China’s loud protests over US disposition of THAAD interceptor missiles in South Korea, whose great radars is able to see through most part of China as well as its missile development programme.

Deployment of THAAD in South Korea has made China enraged, which fears it will make its own ballistic missile capabilities weak and says it also upsets the balance of regional security. The THAAD system is made to interrupt and abolish short and medium-range ballistic missiles during the final phase of their flight. The US said, “the THAAD deployment was aimed at contradicting any missile attack from North Korea on South Korea, Japan and US. China has sworn appropriate reply for THAAD missile batteries.


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