5 Ways Fast Food Is Harming Your Body Without Knowing It


What is food for you? Few people eat to live whereas few live to eat! There must be few FOODIES in your friend circle, right? If, your friend or you are fond of Fast food then, let me tell you, you are walking in the wrong way!

According to a report published by Food Safety and Standard Authority of India, it mentioned that urgent steps should be taken “to tackle the rising problem of overweight and obesity due to increasing urbanization, sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets.” With time the number of Obesity cases is increasing and the graph is really shocking across the country. The main culprit behind this increase is FAST FOOD! Yes, that fast food that you enjoy the most with your friends and this time the state government is taking effective measures to stop it.      

When the cases of prohibiting sale of fast food in school canteens, FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) has also suggested an additional tax on processed food and sugar-sweetened beverages, and a blanket ban for advertising the fast foods as well as the beverages on Kids Channel. fast Foods can make kids easy prey of their ill-effects. As per the report recently published by FSSAI, it is mentioned that urgent steps are needed for tackling the rising issues of overweight and obesity as a result of urbanization, sedentary lifestyles as well as unhealthy diets. Many studies has said that the consumption of fat, sugar and salt (FSS) is more than the recommended limits in Indians.      

Here are the ways fast foods harming your body without you even being aware of it –

  1. Fast Food Increases Liver Disease Risk

Kids who regularly consumes fructose which is commonly found in soda, pizza, sweetened beverages as well as salty food, biscuits and yogurt. All these foods can increase the risk of liver disease in your child and this is found in a research done at Bambino Gesu Hospital in Italy.    

  1. Pizzas and Sodas are Harmful to the Kidneys

A study done by Anglia Ruskin University in Britain says, a diet that is mostly dependable on Fast food or processed food are prone to long-term damage to your kidneys and can trigger diabetes. Lead author Havovi Chichger said, “In our study, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes both induce changes in glucose transport in the kidney but Fast food or a diet high in fat causes changes that are very similar to those found in Type 2 diabetes.”

  1. Fatty Foods Can cause Damage to your Brain

As per a research done by a group of researchers at Deakin University School of Medicine in Geelong, Australia, the part of brain that works for learning, memory and mental health is less in people who are dependent upon unhealthy foods like sweet drinks, salty snacks or processed meats. This study was conducted on sdults over 60 years but, according to the researchers it is relevant for people of all ages.   

  1. Fast Food Could Be Harming Bone Development in Children

A study done in University of Southampton says that living in a surrounding where access of fast food is more can cause hard to the child. The researchers have did this experiment on the bone mineral density (BMD) and bone mineral content (BMC) of 1,107 children at their birth, at four years of age or at six years.   

Co-author of the study Cyrus Cooper said, “The findings says that the exposure of mothers and children to more healthy food environments might optimise childhood bone development through its influence on the quality of the maternal diet and dietary choices during childhood.”

  1. Fast Foods Kills the Appetite for Healthy Food

As per a series of experiments done by researchers of the University of New South Wales, Australia to see the impact of Fast foods on our eating habits and diet preferences. According to their finding fast food can not only make you put on weight but also destroys the appetite for healthy food.


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