PM Modi Is Listed In The Most Stupid PM’s of the world On Google, Here's Why


If you are a PM Modi follower or even if you’re an Indian, this will definitely make you mad when we’ll tell you that search ‘Most stupid PM in the world’ and the name of Indian PM Narendra Modi appears at the top. Like the reaction you must be having reading our story, we had the same when got to know that PM Narendra Modi is listed as “Most stupid PM in the world” in the top-class search engine Google.

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It is not for the first time that it has happened with the Modi. Google apologized from the PM Modi after Modi’s image started appearing in search results of “Top 10 criminals”. Along with 1993 Mumbai bomb blast mastermind, Modi was also listed under the list. However, the famous search engine Google apologized for “any confusion or misunderstanding” happened with the PM Modi’s name in it.

You Google “Most stupid Prime Ministers in the World” it and PM Modi’s name will appear in it as well. Isn’t this shameful as PM Modi is one of the most famous Prime Ministers in the world? Yes, it is unarguably a shameful thing. But we couldn’t blame Google for it. It actually depends on the algorithm of search criteria and what the majority of people search on Google. As we all know very well, PM Modi is very famous and without any doubt is on top of the search list on the ace search engine. So, there are anti-Modi people on the internet as well.

Some articles on the internet (hardly 5), promoting his stupidity, makes an impact among others and therefore this thing is being highlighted on the Google. Antagonism is much like favoritism and is inevitable to popularity. As a result, many of the people searched for it must be very high and that’s why PM Modi’s name has been showing on the Google. All you can do is just calm down as we all know that PM Modi is a popular personality and there are some people who are anti of him. That’s it. Hopefully, Google will apologize for it as well.


  1. He is the most stupid Prime Minister ever in this world. Many reasons
    1: Uneducated ( so elected by the uneducated society of India)
    2: He can not even speak the National language correctly which is Hindi.
    3: Criminal background ( The Godhra kand & more)
    4: Biggest Liar & Bluff master ( Feku) Ask Nitishkumar (Bihar CM)
    5: Racist against Muslims
    6: Fanatic Hinduism
    7: Fake & terrible human being ( Ask Mr>Atal Bihari Bajpai & many BJP leaders)
    8: Favoritism for Ambani Adni & other rich company.

  2. Yes he is fucking stupid prime minister i hv ever see ,who is only believe in gawmutra..he doent cre about our country people women and soldiers who sacrifice thare life our coutry .modi only fake sympathy for our country n people..i really hate this asshole modi..motherfucker who only to make people fool no respect for this fuckingguy…he is not deserving as pm ….


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