Become Bomber And Food Will Be Served To You In Paradise: Islamic State To Yazidi Boys


Hunger can make a person do anything and everything so, people take advantage of that situation. These situations may come on your way too and this time Islamic State Militants has made it a way to add people with them. Captive children weak due to hunger are the new target of the Islamic Militants as they told them that in paradise they will be able to eat to their hearts delight, but they could get that by blowing themselves up.  

This lesson was a part of the instruction perpetrated by the Islamic militants on kids from Iraq’s Yazidi religious minority after the extremist group attacked the community’s towns and villages in northern Iraq.This group has forced hundreds of boys even boys of seven or eight into training for becoming fighters and suicide bombers, pervading them with its fatal ideology.Boys who managed to escape are now living with what is left of their families.

A 17-year-old Ahmed Ameen Koro said,“Even here I’m still very afraid,”, while speaking to The Associated Press in the sprawling Esyan Camp situated in northern Iraq. He now lives in the camp with his mother, sister and a brother, and they are the only surviving members of their family. “I can’t sleep properly because I see them in my dreams.” It was the summer of 2014, the militants stormed into the Yazidi heartland, killed tens of thousands of people and along with that kidnapped thousands of women and girls to make them as sex slaves. The Yazidi minority’s ancient faith is considered heretical by the Islamic extremists.

In November 2015, U.S.backed Kurdish forces drove IS out of Sinjar, but few Yazidis have returned, and almost 3,500 remain in IS captivity in Iraq and Syria, as per a report of Human Rights Watch.

‘They looked like monsters’

The time the militants descended on their village, Ahmed’s family tried to escape but unfortunately IS fighters captured him, along with his 13-year-old brother Amin and four cousins. These boys were taken some 50 km away to the IS-held town of Tal Afar,  there they were retained in a boys’ school with dozens of other teen aged boys. The adult men were also taken away, leaving the women and girls.

Ahmed recalled, “They chose and took the girls they liked.” “I remember the girls were crying, as well as the mothers. They were dragging these girls from the arms of their mothers.” 

He said, “They were all very big bearded men, they looked like monsters.”

Ahmed was among around 200 Yazidi boys and were sent to a two-month training camp in Tal Afar. They studied the Quran and the militants’ hard-line interpretation of Islam, and were taught to shoot assault rifles and pistols. They watched several videos of “how to use a suicide belt, throw a grenade, or behead a person.”

Ahmed said, “They were telling us, ‘You are not Yazidis anymore. You are one of us.”

‘When you grow up, you will blow yourself up’

Not only Ahmed but, many people have lost their houses their families due to the attack in Yazidi and from their they were pushed into the hell of terrorism. There are kids who marely know what terrorism is or what militants do are also becoming the victim of these activities. It is really heart breaking to know about this changing face of our society. Ahmed is just an example of the cruelty of the militants and was lucky enough as he managed to escape from the trap of these militants.


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