Mother's Day Celebration, Show your Love, Make Her Feel Special On This Day


Mother’s day is a day dedicated to all mothers that is being celebrated every year to honor the motherhood. Mother’s day is celebrated every year on second Sunday of May to remember and honor mother’s responsibilities in family and society.

Historically celebration of mother’s day originates from  ancient customs and traditions. The ancient Greek festival Cybele, who was great mother of Greek gods. The ancient Romans also had another holiday, Matronalia, that was dedicated to Juno who was considered as an ancient Roman goddess.. In Europe there were several traditions where a specific Sunday was set aside to honor motherhood and mothers such as Mothering Sunday which is a Christian festival celebrated throughout Europe.

Celebration of Mother’s Day started in the United States when Mother’s Day was Proclamation  by Julia Ward Howe. In 1870, the Proclamation was tied to Howe’s feminist belief that women had a responsibility to shape their societies at the political level.

The joy of celebrating Mother’s day with our mom is incredible to every human being, no matter how old we grow. There is intriguing about having a mother and being a mother.  To be in the lap of the mother is amazingly incomparable a feeling. Mother’s day is celebrated to  honor the beautiful creature of the Universe who has the  power to give birth to another life into. Her power is unparalleled and no one can dare to snatch this farfetched power of a mother from her in this world.

She might be alone many times to take care of her child but there is  something beautifully unseen which guides her through the storm of life. She not only nurtures her child’s dreams but she also prepares herself for a heightened future. A mother’s great courage makes us able to hold ourselves through our dreams.

Being a mother is the biggest contributor of the human kind. Motherhood is incredible whether one get it from their biological mother or non- biological mother, No relationship in this world  can be as great as being a mother and having a mother.

Mother’s day is not celebrated only to honor just your own mom the day is celebrated to remember motherhood and making them feel special to not just your biological mom but also to  them  who ever brought you the feeling of love and care for you and also for the everything that they do for their child in spite of being a non biological mother.

Now a days the celebration of Mother’s Day is done  all over the world by presenting gifts to mother and every lady who is equivalent to mother. Today celebration of Mother’s Day is all about gifting jewellery, cards, flowers and visiting restaurants or giving a holiday surprise to mother. These are the modern ways that people choose to express their mother feel special on the Mother’s Day and to do thanks to mother for all her contributions for shaping the family and the society.


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