Ransomeware Attack So Far, Ransomeware Demands After Attacking, Who Is Behind This?


Recently a computer malware grabbed attention all-round the world as it was spread across 150 countries and that appears to be slowing down, with few reports of fresh attacks in Asia as well as Europe on Monday.

However, it was the beginning of the working week and the staff has been told to be careful. The ransomware named “WannaCry” attacked huge number of users files on Friday, demanding $300 (£230) for restoring access. A huge numbers of PCs have been affected by the ransomware so far. Technology giant Microsoft said that this attack should work as a wake-up call for us. Analysis of three accounts by BBC which are linked to the ransom demand says only about $38,000 that is £29,400 had been paid by Monday morning.

The ransomware warning says that this cost would double after three days, and so the amount payments may increase. It threatens of deleting all the files in seven days if no payment is done.

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Out of all the organisations which are targeted worldwide have been Spanish telecommunications operator Telefonica, Germany’s rail network Deutsche Bahn, US logistics giant FedEx as well as Russia’s interior ministry.

How has Monday been so far?

Over the weekend many firms employed experts as they tried to prevent new infections. The scenario in Europe is better than as it was in weekend. Jan Op Gen Oorth, senior spokesman for Europol, told the AFP news agency that “The number of victims appears not to have gone up and so far the situation seems stable in Europe, which is a success.”It seems that a lot of internet security guys over the weekend did their homework and ran the security software updates.”

Jeremy Hunt, UK Health Minister confirmed to that no evidence is found by the UK intelligence services of a second wave of ransomeware attacks on Monday. According to a tweet of the UK’s National Crime Agency: “We haven’t seen a second spike in WannaCry ransomware attacks, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be one.” National Health Service is one of the biggest victim of this attack and has said seven out of 47 trusts that were hit were still facing serious issues. It is really shocking that almost 100 countries are facing viral attacks from last 3-4 days and the biggest question is:

Who is behind the attack?

Europol’s Jan Op Gen Oorth said this won’t take long. Nobody knows.: “A bit early to say… but we are working on a decryption tool”. Associated Press quoted Tim Wellsmore, of US security firm Fire-eye, as saying: “We expect this is a small operation… They just happened to hit the mother lode.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said: “Russia has absolutely nothing to do with it.”

This viral attack is one of the biggest attacks in history and till now the culprit behind it is unknown. In upcoming days everybody needs to be very careful about the online transactions and other online works or else you might have to pay a hefty amount of money.


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