Dangal Proves Blockbuster In China, Crossed 500 Crore And Counting


Aamir Khan’s Dangal has achieved one more milestone at the Chinese box office, after becoming Bollywood’s highest grossing film at the domestic market.  In a strange way it is clear indication of the star power of Aamir Khan in China as the Chinese box office collection of Dangal will  cross the Indian box office collection for the film.

Now, Dangal has crossed the mark of 500 crore in China and is the latest record set by Aamir in terms of making it to the 500 crore club. It is the also for the first time that a Bollywood film has scored 500 crores in China which is really a huge achievement.

Yesterday, the film raked in 3.73 Million and now comes out with the grand total of 507.34 crores. , Dangal now stands with the grand total of 1251.68 crore worldwide With the humongous contribution from China. Now this biographical sports drama is now in the list of 1300 crore club.

Aamir Khan had a huge fan following in China. This fan following  began when  3 Idiots released in China and people like  film’s themes which they resonated with educational pressure, parents expectations, resistance to authority, etc.

Due to the huge popularity of Aamir Khan in China, Dangal was screened on the first day of the Beijing International Film Festival. While It’s a great news for Indian cinema, Aamir Khan fans because, since Dangal release in China, it has been the number one film at the Chinese box office leaving behind even the Hollywood biggie Guardians of the Galaxy.


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