Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif Criticize PM Trump Over Saudi Arabia Summit


A Pakistani opposition leader and a section of the Pakistani media have criticized  how country’s  prime  minister Nawaz Sharif was treated for an ineffective trip to Saudi Arabia for a summit with U.S. President Donald Trump.

The summit was attended by US President but at summit Sharif was not invited to address even as he was reported to have spent the entire flight to Riyadh rehearsing his speech also the Former Pakistani army chief Raheel Sharif who is the head of the Islamic military coalition, was not asked to speak.

Pakistan humiliation did not stop there. Even as Trump addressed  terrorism’s devastating effects on countries like Australia, India, Russia but he did not mention Pakistan. The cricket star turned politician Imran Khan also claiming that Trump in his summit speech in Riyadh over the weekend, snubbed Nawaz Sharif by not singling out Pakistan as a victim of terror attacks. US President asked Muslim countries to make sure that terrorists do not use their soil to launch attacks on other countries.

According to Pakistani media Imran Khan accused Nawaz Sharif of failing to take a stand for Muslim communities and for Pakistan  in Iran, which was not invited to the summit, the disputed Kashmir and Palestinian territories.

On front page of Pakistani newspaper, The Nation , quoted a senior Pakistani foreign ministry official said that Pakistan was fuming at Trump’s indifference. This incident has hurt us, we expected acknowledgement .”

The same newspaper said in another report, ” The sentiments among the majority of Pakistani media was that of a humiliation of Muslim nuclear power because there was no mention of Islamabad against terrorism but the prime minister of the frontline state denied the opportunity to put its point of view in front of all.” He said Pakistan  remains  unnoticed in Trump’s address after losing  over 70,000 civilians in terrorist attacks.

Pakistani media also criticised that how country was neglected at the summit where 55 muslim nations participated. “Country’s Leaders  who does not even face menace of terrorism were given chances to present their views at summit but Pakistan was neglected.” he daily reported.

Over the past months Khan, who heads the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf and his supporters have staged street protests which have dissolved into violence for demanding Nawaz Sharif and the government to resign. He said Pakistan’s  foreign policy is a disaster and  the way Sharif was treated was unfortunate for all.

He was quoted saying by The News International,” Pakistani people are extremely disappointed and also Sharif lost a big opportunity there if he didn’t take a stand on what the Pakistani nation wants, then why he even bothered going there,”


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