Sukhoi30 Jet Found Near Assam Arunachal Pradesh Border


The wreckage of 23 May’s missing Indian Air Force’s Sukhoi-30 fighter jet with two pilots on board has been found near the China border. However, there’s no sign of its two pilots. It went missing near the China border around 60 km northwest of the Tezpur airbase in Assam and its found close it its last shown position. It went on missing on Tuesday.

The defense spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Sombit Ghosh told the PTI, “As of now, the weather is bad and the place has dense foliage and members of the search operation are yet to reach the spot.” On Tuesday, it took off around 9:30 am on a routine training raid and went off the radar near the Doulasang area of Arunachal Pradesh, which is next to the border of China. The last time contact with the pilots was around 11:30 am and then the aircraft was nearly 60 km north of Tezpur, the wreckage has been found in the same area as well. The distance between Tezpur Air Force station from the China Border is 172 km.

This Russian-made aircraft have the twin-engine fighter meant for all weather and also capable of air-to-air and air-to-surface missions. In the late 90s, the first of the Su-30 planes were introduced by the Indian Air Force (IAF). Inasmuch, six crashes have taken place till now. A technical failure has been the reason of these accidents most of the times as per the inquiry. Even in March, a Sukhoi-30 aircraft crashed near an airbase in Rajasthan’s Barmer, but fortunately, both pilots came out safely. This aircraft was inducted in Tezpur air base in 2009 and as of now, Tezpur has two regiments of SU-30 aircraft, each including 12 to 16 aircraft.


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