2 Chinese Fighters Intercept US Plane In South China Sea


On Friday, The Pentagon said , two Chinese aircraft marking for the second time in a week and conducted an unprofessional intercept of a US Navy surveillance aircraft over the South China Sea, that the US has complained about unsafe Chinese operations in the region.
When the Chinese aircraft carried out the unsafe intercept the United States Orion surveillance P-3 plane was 150 miles away the southeast of Hong Kong.

A defense official said one of the Chinese fighter plane J-10 flew at about 100 feet above and 200 yards in front of the US P-3 aircraft during slow turns and the second Chinese fighter is about 750 yards. The official was not authorized to discuss the  publicly issues and spoke on condition of anonymity. While the Navy Cdr. Gary Ross said the P-3 Orion was operating in international airspace. He said that the United States is analyzing the incident after that it will convey concerns to the Chinese.

Earlier than this week, US navy warship sailed within 22  km of an island built up  with South China Sea. Later, on Wednesday, US officials said, this  was the first such challenge in the strategic waterway to Beijing  since US President Donald Trump took administration to white house. US military any activity around its coastline made China suspicious especially in the South China Sea which is also known as resource rich part of China. This South China part very disputed by China and its neighbouring countries which includes Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia.

Earlier this week, US defense officials said two of China’s SU-30 jets had conducted an uncommon intercept in the East China Sea, by an  American radiation sniffing surveillance plane. Lt Col Lori Hodge, spokesman from Pacific Air Forces  said, when the Chinese aircraft approached  a modified Boeing C-135 and a WC 135 Constant Phoenix aircraft conduct a routine mission in international airspace in accordance with international law. Hodge said,” WC-135 crew is characterized as unprofessional due to the maneuvers by the Chinese pilot, as well as the  proximity of both aircraft and its speed.” last week, china denied US accusations  saying its aircraft conducted a professional and safe operation.

Wu Qian, a spokesman from Defense ministry said the American plane was conducting surveillance over the northern part of the East China Sea known as yellow sea  and in accordance with laws and regulations, the Chinese jets moved to identify and verify the plane.


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