Egypt Hits Jihadists After Attack On Christian Kills 29


On Friday, Egypt fighter jets launched six strikes on jihadist camps in Libya. The camp  have been training militants who killed dozens of Christians earlier in the day. This air strikes happened  after masked gunmen attacked a bus of Coptic Christians south of the Egyptian capital and killed at least 28 peoples and 24 were injured.

The  interior ministry said,” terrorist came in three trucks and attacked the bus as it was leaving for the Saint Samuel monastery in Minya province which is around 200 kilometers from Cairo. This attack  was just after Islamic State  group attacked  jihadists and  bombed three churches in December and April and killed dozens of Christians.

President Abdel Fattah al sisi said in a televised address that sponsored terrorism would be punished, said Egyptian forces had hit a jihadist training camp in retaliation. The Egyptian military said,” the operation had been undertaken once it had been ascertained that the camps had produced the gunmen on Friday morning behind the attack on the Coptic Christians, southern Egypt.”

President Abdel Fattah al sisi said, “Today’s terrorist incident  will not be  passed unnoticed, We are currently targeting the camps where the terrorist is being trained.” He said, Egypt would not hesitate to carry out strikes against the camps that trained people to carry out these kind of terrorist  operations against the country whether those camps were inside or outside the country. Libyan forces participated in the strikes, which had targeted forces linked to al-Qaeda at a number of sites.

A resident told that he had heard four powerful explosions back to back and the strikes had targeted camps by fighter jets which belongs to the Majlis al-Shura militant group. Mohamed al-Mansouri a spokesperson from that millitant group posted an online video posted saying that the air strikes didn’t  hit any group camps, but hit civilian areas. But there was no claim of responsibility for the attack on the Christian.

Earlier this year, IS supporters reposted videos urging violence against the Copts in Egypt. Later, thousands were attended a funeral service at a nearby village that turned into an angry protest against the authorities failure to protect Christians.


Mourners said, “We will avenge them or die like them” while marching with a giant wooden cross. An eye witnesses asked, some masked men  started up firing soon after stopping peoples, who were on a desert road, in a bus and other vehicles . People’s clothes and shoes could be seen lying on the road and around the bus, while some dead bodies and injured persons could be seen laying on the sand and there bodies are covered with black sheets.

There were three vehicle there from which first  vehicle ran away taking children to the monastery which was a part of a church organised trip, second vehicle take  families. The gunmen boarded into the vehicles and shot all the men and shot women and children on their legs and took all the women’s gold jewellery.

Eyewitnesses said, One of the gunmen recorded the attack on the with a video camera. The attack took place on a road, which is home to a Christian minority. Security forces set up dozens of checkpoints and patroling on the desert road.

While, the injured persons were taken to local hospitals and some of them were taken to Cairo. US President Donald Trump has made a point of improving relations with Cairo. Trump said,” This slaughter of Christians in Egypt grieves our souls and tears at our hearts.” Pope Tawadros, head of the Christian church spoke with president sisi and said it was not directed at the Copts but the Egypt and the heart of the Egyptians”.

This year in February and March an North sinai’s  islamic State campaign of murders prompted hundreds of Christians to flee. But many of them feel the state either doesn’t take their plight seriously enough or cannot protect them against determined fanatics


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