Why Muslims in UP Are Shaken and Harassed? Isn't India Their Country?


Anam Nisha,  daughter of a mechanic, is a first year student in the department of chemical engineering University in Bareilly at the Rohilkhand. She will become the first engineer  from her family. Her parents feel uncomfortable with sending a girl to college and  battled all the hostile relatives and decided to educate her.

Nisha has made many friends in his class and majority of her classmates are Hindus. But 2017 UP elections had changed something. Blaming BJP, She says the party had created division among my friends, she days, “ Earlier, I did not feel this, But 2017 elections sharpened this feeling of being Hindu and Muslim among our friends. Now, during discussions our friends made us feel we were different.”

A final year student from Gorakhpur, Mohammed Tanweer said, “ we felt uncomfortable when,  During election campaign, prime minister came and said kabristan and shamshanghat. Looking  at daily issues being that is being  raised makes us sometimes ask ,  do we have the wrong name?”

Muslim community has no generalisation about as large and diverse as they can be entirely accurate. Yet the  meeting of dozens of young Muslims from west UP to the eastern part  of Bihar, made it clear that Nisha and Tanweer are not exceptions. Muslims are disturbed, shaken, and worried about all these.

Living the life as

Firoze Ahmad, an assistant professor from Aligarh Muslim University in Kishanganj said, “Muslims started avoiding public gatherings because anything you say can be misinterpreted. But you are immediately branded as terrorist, anti national and as Pakistani on social media.”

A survey conducted in four states in Gujarat, Haryana, Odisha and Karnataka by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies  gives a clue that leads to these labels. According to this survey  only 13% of Hindus saw Muslims as patriotic and about  77% Muslims saw themselves as highly patriotic.

When asked about what bothered him, Firoze says, “ When they say love jehad, talk of gau rakshak, want ghar wapsi, raise triple talaq  who are they targeting? They are interested to ignite new debates with Muslims as the target group. Then he clarifies, “ It’s not our prime minister who is for Sabka saath, sabka vikaas and all those acting in his name and for that they need to be punished.”

Shadab Khan, who is pursuing  MBA said,”The  nationalism has created a gulf, if, i say I love Barcelona, then i m a nationalist. But if I say I love Pakistani player Shahid Afridi, I become an anti-national and this has percolated every college, every street.”

Most of the Muslims blamed BJP and the Sangh parivar. Media penetration had increased, every house  was watching news and the content mainly highlighted the views that Hindus community alienated Muslims.

Sense of discrimination

Tge director of the AMU campus Raashid Nehaal who  handles two temporary buildings, one of which doubles up as both the academic block and the girls hostel. There are two courses that is being offered. He has not been able to xpand courses, appoint faculty and expand boundary walls.

But, as BJP has come to power, they didn’t released a single paisa to us. The funds approval for this campus mainly meant to serve the backward region is 136 crore.

Nehaal does not crumble words. “What should we understand from this? They have become prepossessed.” He pins it on politics, and the difference in the nature of the regimes is perceivable here. The ‘Nistish Kumar having a secular government are so much relied on Muslim votes — has extended all the  supports to the campus, but the Union government has been hostile According to Nehaal.

On  the other end of the Hindi intrinsicality lies the small town of Deoband which is famous for its influential Islamic seminary.In the bazaar, At a cloth shop a clutch of young men look back at the polls of  2017. Shah Alam addresses his friends that they were unnecessarily living with a myth that only 18%, Muslims can decide elections. The majority decides elections. And BJP has shown that they don’t need us at all.”

What has been its  impact on  this?

Alam replies to Nehaal that Secular parties only treated them  just as avote-bank, but they  had at least  leaders to go to. There is no one here to listen to them.”Sunwai khatam ho gayi,”.

Adnan owns the cloth shop, and says,  he has applied for a loan of ₹5 lakh, Under the Mudra scheme, he have gone to the bank regularly. But his application got rejected all times. He added that his loan got rejected  because may be did not meet the criteria? Would it be correct to pin it to the religion? He replies, “It is the mindset. The bank official told him that he  will not get it and advice him not to ’t waste his time.

Whether it is doubtlessly, absolutely the reason for the rejection of Adnan’s loan is their religious identity, as his voice is  not being heard, Ahmad or Khan being called anti-national, Nisha and Tanweer feeling a sense of distance from their friends, Roshan getting uncomfortable after  watching the  television, or Nehaal is struggling to get funds from the campus is one part of the story and open to debate. One  more important part of  is that all of them feel that this is discriminated on the basis of  religious identity.

And all of this is leading to a question that the Kishanganj student- Khan  — asks confidently that he  have always felt Indian. But today, why he is l being forced to ask myself — is this  is my country?”


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