India-Germany Ties "We Are Made For Each Other" Says Modi


The Prime Minister Narendra Modi described ties the Germany as the two countries are “made for each other” after meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The PM Modi and Chancellor Merkel have signed eight major deals in Berlin today. “We are looking at outcome-oriented momentum in India-Germany ties and a quantum jump, especially in economic ties,” PM Modi said. The German Chancellor also praised India as a reliable partner.

The German Chancellor Merkel has long planted strategic relations with India and frequently stressed on the fact that Germany and the European Union must compete with the new emerging economic giants. She said on Sunday that the Germany can no longer depend fully on traditional allies the United States and Britain in the age of President Donald Trump and Brexit only. The PM Modi and Ms. Merkel talked on an EU-Indian free trade and investment deal at a time when New Delhi is rough with Beijing’s Silk Road trade and infrastructure initiatives across Eurasia. These two leaders are going to meet again at a G20 summit in the German city of Hamburg next month and it is expected that the discussion on the issue of growing military reach of China across the contested South China Sea and in the Indian Ocean will heat up as well.

Before going on board on the four-country tour, which includes Germany, Spain, France and Russia, PM Modi wrote, “India and Germany are large democracies, major economies and important players in regional and global affairs.” In a Facebook post, PM Modi said, “Our strategic partnership is based on democratic values and commitment to an open, inclusive and rule-based global order”, differencing India with the one-party state China. On Monday, PM Modi and Ms. Merkel had enjoyed dinner at the Schloss Meseberg retreat outside Berlin. The leaders of both countries also led a joint cabinet meeting where environment, foreign, economy, and other ministers had a get-together.

The talks are their fourth intergovernmental consultations, which is a format that Germany has only with a few countries, including China, France, and Israel. In the EU, Germany is the largest India’s trading partner and a top source of foreign direct investment. In total, more than 1,600 German companies with 40,000 employees work on the subcontinent.


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