80 Killed And 13 Injured in Kabul Blast, In Afghanistan Diplomatic Area


Wednesday morning again lead for the disruption between India India and Pakistan as a Vehicle Bomb Near the Indian Embassy in the diplomatic area of Kabul is blasted which causes the death of 49 people and more than 300 people got injured in this blast. But in  a tweet Sushma Swaraj,the  External Affairs Minister said that all Indian officials were safe, no need to worry at all. Waheed Majroh, Health ministry spokesman  told the reporters about  the death count had reached 49, which was confirmed by  the government media office and second health official as the interior ministry requests Kabul residents to donate blood for the injured civilians.

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The explosion was said to have been happened  by a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (IED) around 50 meters from the Indian mission. According to the sources All staff members have been shifted  to strong rooms. A huge felicitate of smoke could be seen arises from that  area but it was not clear what the main  target of the blast. Sources told the reporters  that the  intelligence agencies of  India had not ruled out the possibility of the Indian mission being the target.

Photographs accessed are shown clearly about window planes of the embassy building fragmentize by the impact of the blast which was reported from near the German Gate.
The entry in the diplomatic area  to the road of Kabul which aims of houses missions of several countries through the German Gate,the closest being the German Embassy.
Disparage the attack our  Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is in Spain as part of his four-nation tour, tweeted that: We strongly condemn the terrorist blast in Kabul. Our thoughts are  very much similar with  the deceased & prayers with the injured. India stands with The Afghanistan in fighting all types of terrorism. Forces supporting terrorism need to be defeated.

Manpreet Vohra, Indian ambassador said that the Indian mission building suffered damage from this blast. He Tweeted that Massive Vehicle-borne improvised explosive device( VBIED) not too far from our Embassy, Indian ambassador in Kabul. Witnesses had told the reporters  that the roads are blocked by dozens of cars and  some wounded people are also  seen there.There was no immediate claim of injury, but the attack came as the pressagent Taliban are moving  up their annual spring offensive.

The Islamic State group has also claimed the responsibility for several recent bombings in the Afghan capital,  which also include a powerful blast on May 3 which aims at an armoured NATO convoy that killed near about  eight people and wounded 28.The blast was the latest in a long line of attacks in the Afghan capital. Kabul empire  had the highest number of contingency in the starting months of 2017 thanks to multiple attacks in the city, with civilians sensing a lot  of the violence in the City.

Last year, in March , in Afghanistan Jalalabad city the Indian consulate  was attacked by the terrorists, which leads to the death of nine people  several people got injured. Wednesday’s attack underscores the spiralling insecurity in the Afghanistan, where Afghan forces be set by soaring casualties and the desertions are struggling to beat back the insurgents. More than one third of the country is not under government’s control.

The Afghan troops are backed by the  US and NATO forces, and the Pentagon has reportedly asked the White House to send thousands more troops to the country to break the deadlocked fight against the Taliban. Today around 8400 US troops are in Afghanistan, and also there are another 5,000 from NATO allies, who also mainly serve in an advisory capacity — a far cry from the US presence of more than 100,000 six years ago.


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