Farmer Protest: Rahul Gandhi’s Detained in Madhya Pradesh For Politicizing The Matter


As we all know that the protest of farmers in Madhya Pradesh for higher support prices for their produces and others, turned violent after five farmers in the state were killed in police firing on Tuesday. How can we not expect politicians playing some politics on it? And that’s what happened today, the Congress Vice-President with full pack started his journey by flying to Rajasthan’s Udaipur and then driving in a group towards Mandsaur, which is around 180 km away. But the interesting part was that the Congress Vice-President was detained by the police before he could try to enter Madhya Pradesh for a visit to Mandsaur.

With many senior party leaders and party workers, Rahul and his team were shouting slogans in the favor of the farmers. Rahul Gandhi drastically switched his car for a bike, confronting police barricades, and lastly started going on foot before he was stopped and taken to a temporary jail. With hundreds of Congress workers and senior leaders like Rajasthan Congress Chief Sachin Pilot, Madhya Pradesh legislator Jaiwardhan Singh also followed the arrest. A police official said that they were being taken to a guest house of a cement company. It all started when the Gandhi’s car was stopped near the border, the Congress Vice-president immediately jumped on a bike in the crush of security personnel, Congress workers, policemen, and journalists.

The Congress leaders were stopped again around 3 kilometers from the border, and then Rahul left the bike and started fast walking, and was also seen arguing heatedly with policemen. The Congress workers were shouting slogans in support of their leader. Gandhi also broke through police barricades at the border and tried to brisk walk through nearby fields but was stopped. Criticizing the BJP government in both states, he tweeted about his journey as well. “Raj & MP Govt’s are doing their best to prevent me from entering MP & meeting the families of the #farmers killed in #Mandsaur. What law of the land says that it is illegal to stand in solidarity with farmers who were killed simply for demanding what is their right?” Gandhi tweeted in his two tweets.

On this Morning, the police also cleared that they will not let Rahul Gandhi and his party leaders enter Mandsaur as there’s an around-the-clock curfew is in force after the violence. Around 700 policemen were tasked with making it sure that politicians can’t enter near the border. For more than a week, a large group of farmers is demanding better prices for their crop and loan waivers in Mandsaur and protesting for the same as well. The protest turned violent when some of the protestors started throwing rocks and damaging vehicles and in return, the police allegedly opened fire on a crowd. Home minister of Madhya Pradesh, Bhupendra Singh, said that the death of the five farmers in the clashes was because of the police firing, which he strongly denied earlier.


Coming to the 46-years-old Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi yesterday announced on Twitter that he would travel to the place where the nasty protest took place. If you are not aware of the fact, let us tell you that Rahul Gandhi is all set to take over as the Congress President by this October. But don’t you think that Rahul Gandhi is still not mature enough in politics to be a president of any party? He has visited a state that is already facing nasty protests and by visiting or trying to heat up the situation, Gandhi has just created more crises in the already worse situation. The 46-year-old leader must understand that it’s not the time to play politics as it will create a riot-like-situation in the state. Rahul Gandhi should concern some senior leaders of his own party before speaking or taking insensible decisions on such sensitive issues.


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