Pak Born London Terrorist Was Trying to Get Job With Wimbledon Security


The Pakistan-based British citizen Khuram Bhatt, the London Bridge attack instigator, had been trying to get a job with a security firm that provides stewards for Wimbledon, raising worries whether he had any plan of targeting the prestigious tennis tournament. On Sunday, the Telegraph reported that the security services and counter-terrorism police are now investigating the 27-year old Butt’s reason behind trying to get a job with the security company. As per some strong sources, the paper revealed that the Butt was all set up for the job interview with the security firm that supplies safety stewards to Wimbledon and Premier League football clubs. It is also said that the interview was scheduled to make it at the end of this month.

The paper said, “One possibility is Butt had considered targeting the tennis tournament, but decided to speed up the plot, following the Manchester Arena bombing+, and switched the attack to London Bridge.”  The 27-year old Butt had formerly worked for six months on the London Underground until leaving in October. The paper also alleged that although it was under low-level investigation by MI5 and counter-terrorism police, Butt was able to get a job working at Westminster station as employers are not made aware of security services’ concerns when performing criminal records checks. While quoting a source close to the intelligence services, the paper said, “The security firm would check his background, but it does not have access to the police watch list or have knowledge of any MI5 investigation. There would have been no reason for him not to get the job. Butt could not only have caused serious damage but potentially helped other terrorists to get into one of these events.”

Butt and his partners Moroccan-origin Rachid Redouane and Moroccan-Italian Yousef Zaghba smashed a speedy van into pedestrians on London Bridge before stabbing revelers at the close-by Borough market, killing eight innocents before being shot dead by armed police officers a week ago. On Saturday night, the Scotland Yard released photos of the fake suicide belts Butt, Redouane and Zaghba wore amid the attack. All three of them had attached water bottles to leather belts and covered them in silver masking tape. The belts were being worn all the while with them when they were shot dead armed forces. The Commander Dean Haydon, who is leading the investigation said, “It is hard to speculate what the motive was for wearing the belts. It could be that they had plans to take the attack into a siege situation or it might be that they saw it as protection from being shot themselves.”


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