Blast in Kindergarten School in Eastern China, Chances of Casualty


On Thursday, the police said that an explosion happened at the entrance to a Kindergarten in China. The local media that there were causalities and videos allegedly from the scene has been posted on social media, showing children and adults lying on the ground and some bleeding as well. The police officials said that they are investigating the matter and as of now, had no word on deaths or injuries. According to the police, the blast smacked at 4:50 pm Thursday at the Chuangxin Kindergarten in the city of Fengxian in Jiangsu province.

Kindergarten School

A phone made video posted on the website of the official People’s Daily newspaper showed that more than a dozen of people lying unmoving in front of the kindergarten’s steel sliding gate with clothes, shoes and other items scattered on the ground alongside full of blood. They also showed that ambulances arriving and taking the injured people into an emergency room. It is still not clear that the incident was an accident or a planned one. The newspaper Xiandaikuaibao claimed on its website that the explosive was to be in a bottle of cooking gas. It has prompted a tightening of safety around many schools, with the posting of gatekeepers equipped with truncheons and the establishment of gates and other barriers. China keeps uptight control over guns and most attacks are completed using knives, axes or homemade explosives.


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