1993 Bombay Blasts, 6 Out of 7 Have Been Found Guilty, Charges to be Declared on Monday


A special Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act court has given its verdict on 1993 Bombay blasts. Finally, after 24 years of the attacks, justice has been served to the victims and their families.

Out of seven accused, six accused has been found guilty in the Bombay bomb blasts. Abu Salem, one of the prime accused of Bombay attacks has been found guilty under the Criminal conspiracy to commit terror acts, Mustafa Dossa, has also been convicted under conspiracy to commit terror acts and murders. The first meeting, to plan the act was held at Mustafa’s place. Riyaz Siddiqui, who was accused of transporting explosives in a Maruti van which was later used in the blasts, has also been found guilty of the same charges, Taher Merchant who was responsible for the transportation of other convicts to travel to Pakistan has been found guilty by the court. Feroz Khan, who was charged with supervising the whole procedure when arms and ammunitions were transported to Mumbai has also been found guilty along with him Karimulla Khan has also found guilty. The only accused who has not been found guilty is Qayyum Shaikh. This is the most critical and sensitive case of the independent India. The only thing that makes this justice incomplete is that, criminals like Dawood Ibrahim and Tiger Menon, who were the mastermind behind those attacks are still free from the clutches of justice.

That was 12 March,1993 when 13 blasts at various places shocked the Bombay City. That resulted in 257 fatalities and 700 injuries. That was the first blast on Indian Soil in which RDX was used. According to the news report 300 people died in those blasts and nearly 1,500 people were injured. The bombs were planned into cars and scooters. In those explosions Bombay suffered a great loss of lives and property. The main targets of those terrorist were offices, malls, hotels and banks.

The bombings were planned by the Pakistan based underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim. He is the most wanted fugitive of India and also listed as the most wanted by the US and Interpol. The Bombings were financed by expatriate Indian smuggler in the UAE. Tiger Memon, who is also believed to be hiding in Pakistan also assisted Dawood Ibrahim in those blasts. It is also believed that Pakistani Intelligence agency, Inter- Service Intelligence (ISI), also played a role in those horrifying bomb blasts in Bombay now Mumbai, it is said that several terrorists were trained in Pakistan.

Mumbai police played a very active role in cracking the case of Mumbai blasts. Within the time span of 48 hours, Bombay police discovered that Memon family is involved in this case, Bombay police received praise for cracking this case in such a short span.

Today is the D-day for Abu Salem, one of the most important accused, of Bombay Blasts of 1993. Abu Salem is facing the charges of Criminal conspiracy to commit terror acts; sent nine AK-56 rifles and hand grenades to Mumbai in false cavities of a Maruti van from Bharuch and delivered some to the residence of actor Sanjay Dutt in January 1993; kept some arms at co-accused Zaibunisa Kazi’s house at the instance of don Anees Ibrahim. Charges against him attract death, but India agreed not to grant him death while extraditing him from Portugal.

The other accused of Bombay blasts are:-

Mustafa Dossa, was extradited from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The charges against him were of landing arms and explosives, conspiracy, and sending individuals to Pakistan for training.

Riyaz Siddiqui has been accused of transporting explosives in a Maruti van which was later used in the blasts.

Taher Merchant was charged with arranging the transportation for the other convicts to travel to Pakistan.

Karimulla Khan was charged with smuggling arms into the country through the Shekhadi coast of Raigad district in February 1993.

Qayyum Shaikh was charged with delivering weapons to Sanjay Dutt.

Feroz Khan was charged of supervising the whole procedure when arms and ammunitions were transported to Mumbai.

The primary chargesheet in the case was filed in 1994. After six years, the TADA court convicted 100 accused, including Sanjay Dutt.

Of them, 12 were awarded death sentence and 20 were sentenced to life imprisonment. There were also 29 who were acquitted.

Sanjay Dutt, who was arrested in 1993, had made many trips in and out of jail, and it was in 2006 that a TADA court sentenced him to six years in prison for illegal possession of arms and acquitted him of all terror charges. The actor was set free after he served sentence till February, 2016.

Yakub Memon had managed to flee to Pakistan along with his brother Tiger Memon and rest of the family. However, he was executed on July 30, 2015.



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