Donald Trump Orders Tighter Instruction on Cuba Policy


The US President Donald Trump had ordered the tighter restrictions on the Americans Citizens on Friday who are  traveling to the  Cuba and the clampdown on the US business dealings with the  military of the Caribbean and says that he was canceling “terrible and misguided deal”  that the former president Barack Obama’s made with the  Havana.

Deploying out his new Cuba’s policy in a speech in the  Miami, Donald Trump signed the presidential directive that  roll back the   Brack Obama’s historic opening on the Communist ruled the country and have an diplomatic breakthrough between the two former Cold War foes just after 2014.

Even after, Trump left many of the Obama’s changes untouched like the reopened US embassy in the  Havana, even as he sought to show that he was making a  good on the campaign which promises to take a tougher against the  Cuba mainly over the records of its  human rights.

Donald trump told a cheering crowd in Miami’s Cuban American enclave of the Little Havana that’s In the face of communist oppression we will not be silent  any longer, which also include the Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and helped the new restrictions on the Cuba.

Trump declared that , he will immediately completely  cancel the last administration’s deal which is done with the  Cuba”,  as he made a full throated assault on the government of  the Raul Castro, who is the Cuban President.

Later, Cuba denounced the setback  move in the US cuban relations, which says that  Trump had been  very badly advised and was not able resort to coercive the methods of the past that were doomed to fail. The government remained willing to engage in the  respectful dialogue.

US President’s revised approach calls for stricter enforcement of a longtime ban on tourists going to cuba from Americas, and seeks to prevent US dollars from being used to fund what the  administration of Trump which sees as the  repressive military of the  dominated government.

Along The US businesses pressure and  fellow Republicans which avoids turning back of the clock  in the relations with the  Cuba, towards the step of the  normalisation, the president chose to leave the some of his Democratic predecessor’s steps.

According to US officials the  US business new policy has  bans transactions along with the Armed Forces of Business Enterprises Group and the Cuban conglomerate involved in all sectors of the economy and makes some of their exceptions which involves air and the sea travel . This will essentially shield the US airlines and the cruise lines.

Trump said that they  do not want the US dollars to prop up the military monopoly that exploits and make  abuses to the citizens of the Cuba who are pledging, US sanctions would not be lifted until the Cuba frees political prisoners holds the free elections there.

Many far reaching changes that never  appear to be  sweeping less than the US pro engagement advocates.His critics, overall, have questioned that why his administration is now singling out with Cuba for the human rights abuses but even now downplaying the issue in the other parts of the world which includes Saudi Arabia, a close US ally whereTrump visited last month and the political parties and the protests are banned.

Trump, even after all this in 2015 had stopped the short of  breaking of  the diplomatic relations restored  after more than the  five decades of the hostilities. He also will not cut off  the recently resumed the direct US-Cuba commercial flights or the cruise-ship travel, though his most  restrictive policy which  seems certain to the dampen of  new economic ties overall.

According to the  one White House officials,The administration has no intention of “disrupting” the existing business ventures such as the one which struck under the  Obama by the Hotels Inc, which is owned by the Marriott International Inc, to manage the historic Havana hotel.Nor even does the Trump plan on the reinstated limits that Obama lifted on the value of the island’s coveted as the  rum and the cigars that the Americans can also bring home for their personal use.

But Still after all this it will be the latest attempt by the Trump to overturn parts of the  Obama’s presidential legacy. He has already pushed all the United States out of a major international climate treaty and is now  trying to scrap his predecessor’s landmark of the healthcare program.

In 2014 When Obama had announced the detente along with that he also said that the decades of US efforts to achieve change in the by isolating the island had failed and it was thej time to try a new approach for that.

Obama said that The Criticsm of the rapprochement  was giving too much away from that without extracting concessions the from the Cuban government. The Castro’s government has clearly stated that they  l does not intend to change its one-party political system for this.

Trump unlimited efforts say to Obama’s that  amounted to “appeasement” and have done nothing to the advance political freedoms in the Cuba, while benefiting all the Cuban government financially along with economics.

Trump said in Miami that It’s very hard to think of a policy that would make some  less sense than the prior administration’s whose terrible and the  misguided deal with the Castro regime,”

International human rights groups say, even this  that the  renewed US efforts will isolate the island that could worsen the situation by empowering the Cuban hard-liners.

Very earlier the Cuban government,  had made it clear that it will not be pressured into the  reforms and had no immediate comment.But the ordinary Cubans said that they always were the crestfallen to be returning to an era of the  frostier relations with the United States with the potential economic fallout for them.

Trump announced about his new approach at the Manuel Artime Theater in the heart of the United States’ at the largest Cuban-American and the Cuban exile community, whose support added believe helped him to win the Florida in the election.

The venue is named after a famous leader of the failed US-backed Bay of the  Pigs invasion of tue Cuba in 1961 against Fidel Castro’s the revolutionary government.

“I have trust in Trump to do the right thing when it comes to Cuba,” said Jorge Saurez, 66, a retired physician in Little Havana.

Trump’s vow to keep the broader decades-old US economic embargo on Cuba firmly in place drew criticism from some US farmers, especially growers of corn, soybeans, and rice. Obama’s détente has already lifted exports and raised hopes for more gains, which they said were now in doubt.Mexico’s foreign ministry urged the United States and Cuba to resolve their differences “via dialogue.”

But Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, whose Leftist government is Cuba’s main regional ally, slammed Trump’s tightening of restrictions as an “offence” against Latin America.

“His speech was aggressive and threatening, … revealing his contempt and ignorance,” President Nicolas Maduro said in a speech. “We reject Donald Trump’s declarations against our brother Cuba. It is an offence against Latin America.”

The biggest change in travel policy will be that Americans making educational people-to-people trips, one of the most popular authorised categories, can no longer go to the island on their own but only on group tours. Trump’s aides said the aim was to close off a path for Americans seeking beach vacations in a country where US tourism is still officially banned.

US Senator Jeff Flake, one of the Republican Party’s most vocal advocates for easing rules on US dealings with Cuba, called for a vote on legislation lifting restrictions on American travel there. But the Republican leadership in Congress has long blocked such a move, and it appears unlikely to budge.

Under Trump’s order, the Treasury and Commerce departments will be given 30 days to begin writing new regulations, which will not take effect until they are complete.

In contentious deliberations leading up to the new policy, some aides argued that Trump, a former real estate magnate who won the presidency vowing to unleash US business, would have a hard time defending any moves that close off the Cuban market.But other advisers have contended that it is important to make good on a campaign promise to Cuban-Americans.


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