One Dead and Several Policemen Injured, GJM Members Still Stubborn

One GJM member died during strike, Today is the sixth day of Strike, Tension emerged from Monday when the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamta Banerjee imposed the law, Bengali being a compulsory subject in all the school of State. But after that the hill people started demanding a separate  sate for Gorkha people as Gorkhaland , a simple decision took a terrible turn  and the indefinite strike is still continuing even after Mamta Banerjee offically announced that the imposement of the subject does not include the hilly areas.
And the latest updates according to TOI are as following:
  • 23 mins ago: Violence emerged GJM members charged police for stopping the rally. One GJM member died and several policemen got injured in the incident.
  • 29 mins ago: Rally started from three different places one from Chawk Bazar, another from Lebong and the third from Singmari.  Siliguri-Kursoung via Pankhabari roads blocked by GJM members, Morcha headed to Patlebas chief Bimal Gurung’s house.
  •  38 mins ago: In Lebong TMC leader Deoraj Gurung’s house was set on fire by GJM members. Drunk GJM youth members with weapons and are very much threatening. Terror for the TMC supporters.
  • 42 mins ago: After the Violece in Darjeeling,West Bengal and Bhutan border has been sealed immediately.
  • Morcha MLA Amal Rai’s son Bikram Rai who is a media advisor got arrested by police.
  • 46 mins ago: Binay Tamang GJM leader filed complain, that on Friday Police along with the few TMC supporters needlessly destroyed his home.
  • 52 mins ago: GJM protesters clased with the police in Singmari area.
  • 59 mins ago: GJM supporter Mahesh Gurung got critically injured. Said- Binay Tamang Assistant General Secretary GJM.
  •  3.51 pm: GJM members protested during the bandh (PTI),                             Tourism Minister Goutam Deb said-” Government will not accept this unruly behavior, aggressiveness at heights. “
  • 3.33: Darjeeling area turned into a battlefield, GJM members throwing petrol bombs and stones at roit police, serveral policement got injured.
  • 3.16: Mamta Banerjee stated- “What is happening  is a deep-rooted conspiracy. These arms were not collected in a day, they were collected over time.”
  • 3.08: Mamta Banerjee confirmed that assistant commandant Kiran Tamang has not diedbut her condition is very critical.
  • 2.59: Mamta Banerjee- Five years you people enjoyed now the elections are coming near, you don’t have credentials, so started protesting and creating violence.
  • 2.58: As per CM, Developmental works will continue in Darjeeling hills at Nabanna.
  • 2.56: Mamata Banerjee- What ever is happening is a deep-rooted conspiracy, its a Vandalism.
  • 2.55: CM Mamata Banerjee started a press conference on Darjeeling situation after the riots.
  • 2.45: SP Akhilesh Chaturvedi stated that “Indian Reserve Battalion- Kiran Tamang was 2nd Battalion assistant commandant was allegedly killed by GJM supporters at Singmari.” He tried to stop Morcha workers from setting cars on fire and after that on the way to Siliguri Hospital he died.

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