No Departure Cards for Indians Flying Abroad from July 1st


There is some good news coming for the Indians flying abroad as they will not have to worry about filling departure cards at airports. From July 1, filling up departure cards will not be compulsory. On June 14, a notification issued by the ministry of external affairs that they are going to discontinue the departure cards for Indian passengers at all the airport’s crossways the country. However, the filling of departure cards will continue at rails, seaport, and immigration check posts.

This initiative has been taken to make the immigration process smooth and easy for the Indian passengers. This move of government will also promote the Modi government’s efforts to make paperless travel. The sources in the immigration department told the Times of India, “Passengers do not have to waste time near the check-in counters or near the immigration counters trying to fill up the details in the departure cards issued by the bureau of immigration. Since a passenger’s credentials and travel details are now available in the system from other sources, there is no need for duplication.”

As of now, the Indian passengers flying to foreign countries are required to fill their name, date of birth, date of boarding, flight information, address and purpose of visit, every time they are flying out of the country. The departure card will be kept by the immigration experts followed being stamped. Earlier, the government had on March 2, 2014, ended filling up of landing (disembarkation) cards by Indians.


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