100 Days of Yogi Government, Achievement and Failure of UP Govt


The government of Yogi Adityanath has completed 100 days in Uttar Pradesh. There is no doubt in that the first three months of the BJP’s firebrand Chief Minister witnessed big events in the state. On Tuesday, CM Yogi Adityanath shared that he’s satisfied with the work of his government in its first 100 days in power and also talked about the initiatives they started in this period. Accompanied by all the ministers at the function, the Chief Minister released a booklet talking about the achievements of his government.

The Chief Minister was quoted saying by news agency ANI that “After the formation of anti-Romeo squads, women in the state feel much safer”. “For last 14-15 years, there was no development in the state. People were facing a lot of troubles due to casteism and dynasty politics. For last 14-15 years, there was no development in the state. People were facing a lot of troubles due to casteism and dynasty politics,” Yogi added. The Chief Minister also announced that ‘January 24’ will be celebrated as Uttar Pradesh Day every year. While taking a jibe at his political rivals, Yogi said, “Pichle 14-15 saalon se UP vikas se pichhad gaya tha, jaativaad aur parivarvaad mein ulajh ke (In the last 14-15 years, UP has gone backward on development parameters, caught in the web of caste-based discrimination and nepotism).”

The 44-year-old Chief Minister also assured that the announced farm waiver loan will forgo the debt amounting to Rs 36,359 crore of thousands of agrarian families in the Uttar Pradesh. “Farmer loan waiver has no impact or effects on the ongoing development work in the state. But in fact, the scheme has benefitted 86 lakh farmers of the state,” Yogi added. While talking about the development initiatives, the CM said that “We want to assure people that the government has started initiatives to take UP forward on the path of development”. “We are committed to work for people belonging to any strata of the society. When I say people from all strata that explains a lot. There’s no place for discrimination in this government,” Yogi said.

Core agenda of Hinduism

There is no doubt in that the firebrand Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that he follows “Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas”, but he many of the times given the sufficient hints that Hinduism remains his priority. Visiting the disputed Ram Mandir site in Ayodhya verifies the fact, a first visit by any Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister in last 15 years. The Yogi government’s strict action on the ban of slaughterhouses generated a new debate in the whole country. There are many scenarios that clear Yogi Government’s core agenda is Hinduism.

Yet to control crimes in the state

Controlling the crime in the state has been a big challenge for the Yogi government and sadly, the state witnessed many murders and gang-rape cases after Yogi Government took over the office. However, the government claims that they are doing their best, but the results are yet to be in the favor. A top official said to the Hindustan Times that the reporting of crimes has increased in the state because “We are encouraging people to come to us. That is why you see an increase in numbers. This is part of improving law and order. Once the action begins with them, you will see it serve as a deterrent”. “After the formation of the new government, the police machinery was being overhauled. Criminal gangs are taking benefit of the change in the police set up,” the additional director general of police Aditya Mishra told Hindustan Times.

Another source of police says that the Yogi government thought it would not transfer officials as it would look like “vendetta politics. “Then it realized it needed to do so, place the right people in the right places. A new team has just taken over in most districts. They need time to settle down, understand their area of operation, and build a network”. A Lucknow-based police official said, “The Samajwadi Party operated on a basic principle. Even if our cadre commits murder, as long as he is our cadre, he has to be protected. This message was clear. The BJP does not have the same ethos on crimes of its cadre. The Yogi has told us that do not hesitate to take action against anyone. But it will take time for people on the ground to internalize this.”

The good achievements

Winning with a massive majority (325 seats out of 403 seats) in a state like Uttar Pradesh gave a big advantage to the BJP to rule the state to all comers. But still, the Yogi government has to work very hard to fulfill all its poll promises and have a control on the crime rate in the state. Talking about the big achievements of the Yogi government, farm loan waiver is one of the greatest things in its achievements. However, the yogi government is yet uncertain about the fact that how they will go for it and how funds would be raised to support the farmer’s loan waiver. The Yogi government has also paid just about Rs 23,000 crore as dues to the sugarcane farmers. However, the financial burden is also massive for the Yogi government and it will be a big task for the government to deal with this issue.

If one goes by the people of Uttar Pradesh, the road conditions and electricity supply have been improved that is undoubtedly a great achievement for the Yogi government. There are no corruption charges or allegations on the government and running a clean government in a big state like UP is also a big task.


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