China Protest Against India, Over Sikkim Incursion for Mansarovar Yatra


On Tuesday, China accused Indian troops of “crossing the border” in the Sikkim district and ordered for a quick withdrawal, while emphasizing that it has closed the Nathu La Pass entry for the Indian pilgrims traveling to Kailash Mansarovar because of the border confrontation. China also said that it has sheltered diplomatic protests with India in New Delhi as well in Beijing, claiming that the Indian troop’s wrongdoing into Chinese territory in the Sikkim Sector.

The Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said on Tuesday that “As to the Indian pilgrims’ journey through the Nathu La pass in the Sikkim section, I think the Indian side is very clear about it. For a long time, the Chinese government has made enormous efforts to provide necessary convenience for those Indian pilgrims. But recently, the Indian border personnel trespassed the Chinese border to obstruct construction so we have taken necessary actions”. “We have lodged solemn representations in Beijing and New Delhi to elaborate on our solemn position. Our position to uphold our territorial sovereignty is unwavering. We hope the Indian side can work with China in the same direction and immediately withdraw the personnel who have overstepped and trespassed into Chinese border,” he added.

Last night, China has said that it had suspended the visit of Indian pilgrims who enter Tibet through the Nathu La pass “for safety reasons” in order to have an eye on border conflict. In the last night statement, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said, “China urges India to immediately withdraw its border guards that have crossed the boundary and have a thorough investigation of this matter. The Indian border guards crossed the boundary in the Sikkim section of the China-India border and entered the territory of China, and obstructed normal activities of Chinese frontier forces in the Donglang area recently, and the Chinese side has taken countermeasures.” His statement came after Indian troops were being accused by the Chinese defense ministry of objecting to building a road which is claimed to be in the territory of China.

The disagreement over the constructing of the road was actually the reason behind China stopped a group of 47 pilgrims from crossing via Nathu La border in Sikkim into Tibet to visit Mansarovar and Kailash. The Chinese defence ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang said yesterday that recently when China started the creation of a road in Donglang region, however, it was stopped by the Indian troops crossing the Line of Actual Control (LAC). In the statement of Geng, he said that the Sikkim region of the China-India border has been defined by agreements, asserting that the Indian government has confirmed again and again in writing that there is no objection to it. The Chinese also requested India to respect the boundary agreements and China’s territorial power to maintain peace and stability in the Indo-China border, Geng said.

To keep an eye on the safety issues, Geng said that China has adjourned organizing for the Indian pilgrims to enter China through the Nathu La pass, and China had informed India of its decision through various diplomatic channels. Geng said yesterday that both the countries were in talks over the same matter. The Geng’s statement came after the tension increased in a main area of Sikkim following a fight between the personnel of the Indian Army and the PLA, which led to Chinese troops smashing up bunkers on the side of the Indian boundary. It happened in the first week of June near the Lalten post in the Doka La general area in Sikkim after a confrontation between both the forces, which increased the tension along the Sino-Indian border. The PLA entered into the Indian Territory and damaged two makeshift bunkers of the Army after the confrontation.


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