Roberry at Flipkart's Dispatch Centre, 37 Lakh Products are Missing


A group of men stole at gunpoint Rs 37 lakh at a Flipkart dispatch centre in Jhilmil Industrial Area of Delhi on Sunday. A security guard was injured in the incident.

The robbery at the Flipkart dispatch centre happened around 8.30pm on Sunday. Around 3-4 men barged into the office and held six employees hostage, police said. Police were informed about the incident around 9pm. A police team reached the spot where Ramu Kushwaha, a cashier, said the robbers took away Rs37 lakh at gunpoint

The cash was kept at the office since Sunday and Monday were holidays. The cash was to be deposited in the bank on Tuesday. According to the staff members, there were six employees in the office. Naveen, a security guard, tried to raise an alarm. He was hit with the butt of a gun and left bleeding, they added.

Before leaving the office, they also took away hard disk (storage device) of CCTV to avoid identification. Police said that they would scan footage of CCTV installed in the area to identify the accused.

They are also questioning the employees and have asked the management to share details of former employees who might be aware of the days when the cash is kept at the dispatch centre. The company representatives remained unavailable for comment.



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