"I AM LIKE WINE", Dhoni's Performance Getting Better With Age


Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been one of the best captains India has ever had, with his magnificent with his leadership quality he had won millions of heart.

Mahi Indian people call him out of love, We are not wrong if we say that Dhoni is regarded as one of the best captains in Indian Cricket history. He with cool temperament has the ability to handle pressure. Dhoni has been a class in showcasing his arsenal at times of crisis and has been crucial in steering his team through in the toughest of times. His ability to extract results out of pressure situations tells a lot about his leadership abilities.

Dhoni in an Interview showed his happiness saying that “He is happy that he got a chance to play in Innings”, When asked how he is getting better with the age. He replied- “Its’s like a wine”. The old it is the more expensive it becomes as there was inconsistency in his batting recently, his unbeaten 78 off 79 balls enabled India to post a winning score on a tough track in third ODI against the west Indies. He got a chance to play an innings of quality after the top three has been scoring bulk of runs in recent times.

“Our top-order has been doing the bulk of the scoring in the last one-one and a half years, so it felt good to get an opportunity and score runs.” – said Dhoni.

Dhoni is self-aware of certain things? He knows about his strengths and weaknesses. By which he catapult himself.

 He further added -“I think it was the nature of the wicket (what made the knock special). There was variable bounce and at times the pace. It was important to have a partnership at that stage. In my mind, I had 250, and we got there, with Kedar batting with me at the end. It was something the bowlers could defend, but they had to bowl well.”


“It’s important (to guide spinners). Kuldeep has played a lot of games in IPL but when it comes to international cricket, it’s important to know where to use your variety. Once he plays 5-10 games, he will realize it himself. The good thing is, compared to the last game, he bowled very well today.”

His words not only motives his fans but also himself, he is a self-motivator who works consistently toward his goals. Dhoni’s locus of control is very intrinsic. He is not blinded by the glamour and money. He plays the game for the love of the game. He competes with only himself and none other.


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