Today PM Modi Will Reach Israel for a Three days trip


Narendra Modi has become the first Prime Minister to travel Israel. He will reach Israel today. Modi had recently said that there is a long-standing relationship between India and the Jewish country Israel. It is expected that there may be agreement on military and cyber security between the two countries during Modi’s visit.

It has been  said that Modi will not go to Ramla. That means he will not meet the Palestinians leaders. It has happen so far that people have also been visiting Palestinian leaders after Israel.
This journey of Modi is being considered as a major step. There have been diplomatic relations between India and Israel for 25 years, but due to the large Muslim population in India, there was a balanced activity between the two countries. Both countries have been working together for years on fighting terrorism, in security, agriculture, water and energy sector.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this visit is very important. According to the Times of Israel, Netanyahu said that the relationship between the two countries is constantly stirring. Indian Prime Minister will also meet the Israeli boy named Moses, whose parents were killed in the terrorist attack on the Jewish Center in Mumbai in 2008.

This is the first visit of any Indian Prime Minister after establishing diplomatic relations with Israel in 1992.Israel, journalist, Harendra Mishra said that preparations for Modi’s arrival are on roll.

According to Harendra Mishra, “Netanyahu will stay with Modi in a three-day trip. It is being said that Israel has never witnessed such grand reception for anyother leader who has visited Israel in past few years. Harendra Mishra said that around 80 thousand people of Indian origin live here and they are getting very much excited.
Mishra said that Modi will also address the people of Indian origin too. The discussion of Modi’s visit in the Israeli media is quite significant. Mishra said that this discussion is also because Modi will not go to the Palestinian Territories.


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