Gunmen Killed 8 in Thailand over Personal Conflict


The police said on tuesday, Eight people in which there are  three children were killed by gunmen in Thailand Krabi province. Number of peoples slaying investigators believe was sparked by a personal reasons.

The Police said that a group  of six to seven persons dressed in camouflage outfits, stormed a house in the southern province around 4pm on Monday.

To return, they took ten people hostage and waited for the owner of the property .

The owner arrived around 8pm and all of the victims were handcuffed and blindfolded until midnight when gunmen opened fire,  The chief of Ao Luek district, Chaiwut Buathong told AFP.

Chaiwut said Six people were died at the scene and two others were died in hospital. He added that three of the victims were girls aged under 15. Three others persons were taken to hospital, one of them is critical condition.

The Photos taken by the medical workers showed that the two bodies slumped on a blood splattered the children’s bed with a teddy bear thrown to one side of it.

“It is under investigation but initially the police suspected this as a personal conflict between two sides,” Major General Worawit Panprung, from Krabi provincial police, told AFP.

The Firearm ownership in Thailand is very high which boasts one of the highest gun related homicide rates in the whole Asia.

Also the Petty arguments and disputes  turn deadly but mass organised killings are rare.

In Thailand, the Krabi province is a popular holiday destination where boasting beaches are like Ao Nang and Rai Ley. However this Monday’s killings incident took place in an area that is removed from the main tourist drags.


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