Noida Mahagun Modern Society Attack, Local Villagers Created Ruckus


It was the Wednesday morning when the residents of housing society in Noida’s Sector 78 wake up to see the riot like condition in their Mahagun Modern society.

Broken Glass

At 7o’clock in the morning their society was surrounded by few local villagers who were pelting stones on the flats in the society.

Mob outside Mahagun Modern Society

The attackers were domestic helps and neighbours of a maid who was allegedly beaten up by one of the residents of Mahagun Modern, police said.

According to a report, villagers forcefully entered inside the society and beaten up the guard and owners. As per the police officials, the maid has filed a false complaint against the owner of one of the resident in the society that she was beaten by them and retained overnight. On the other hand, the house owner has made a statement that she has stolen the cash from the house and they have the CCTV proof as well.


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