SC Order CBI, to Probe 250 Cases of Extra Judicial Killing in Manipur


On Friday, the Supreme Court has directed a probe by the CBI into the alleged extra-judicial killings by the army, the Assam Rifles and the Manipur police force in the insurgency – hit State. A Bench of Justices M.B. Lokur and U.U. Lalit said to the CBI director to appoint a team of officials to carry out the probe into the alleged killings. The court was experiencing a PIL seeking probe and settlement in the alleged 1,528 extra-judicial killings in Manipur 2000 to 2012 by security forces and police.

On Apr 20, the Army had informed the top court that it can’t be put through FIRs to carry out anti-militancy operations in rebellion-prone areas like Jammu and Kashmir and Manipur, whereas alleging local prejudice in judicial queries conducted against it in these locations that have tarnished its image. “In every military operation, the Army cannot be disbelieved. Every judicial inquiry cannot be against the Army. The alleged extra-judicial killing cases in Manipur are not cases of massacre, rather these are cases of military operations,” the Centre told the court. The bench had also taken up the Manipur government for not taking any stern action on such alleged false encounters by the army and asked was it “not supposed to do anything”. The Army had said to the court that the judicial probes conducted into alleged extra-judicial getting rid of the charges were “biased” and inclined against them anticipated to local factors.

It had alleged that the district judges, who have been locals, had conducted the judicial queries into the alleged killings and local factors came up in the form of the probe reports which went up against the armed forces. The courtroom was earlier informed that there have been 265 cases of deaths that have to be reviewed and there have been various reports of the commission of inquiry where stern allegations have been staged against armed forces personnel. The top court had previously asked the Centre to separate out the cases related to the military from the set of 265 happenings of extra-judicial killings in Manipur. The Centre had said that of the 282 cases, that have been described it for confirmation, 70 concerns were found to be related to the Army and Assam Rifles, as the rest concerned their state police.

In a July previous year, the apex courtroom had directed an intensive probe into the alleged false encounter killings in the Manipur stating the utilization of “excessive or retaliatory force” by the armed force or police had not been permitted in ‘disturbed areas’ under the questionable Armed Force Special Powers Act.


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