New ICC Rule can Affect Dhoni's and Other Batsman Batting, Need to Change the Bat


Dhoni is India’s cricketing Caesar, never practises glove work, has the odd net session with bat and ball and, at them, bowls more bouncers than his front-line speedsters. In other words, he does exactly as he pleases. Coaches close to him, Gary Kirsten and Stephen Fleming particularly, marvel at his instinct and calm. He is no great planner, more a reactor. But he never departs from reality. Dhoni is gifted, Dhoni is mischievous, Dhoni is dictatorial, Dhoni is driven and Dhoni is alert to every whisper around him. He trusts only a few and rarely declares his hand. He speaks in unarguable, often repetitive, rhetoric, dragging out debate that does not much matter to cover up that which does.

This is the way he copes with the almost impossible task of leading Indian cricket. He is the most modern cricketer of all cricketers, dividing his time between the various formats as if he has responsibility to the senate to answer for all the issues of the day, which, of course, he has had.

David Warner

As an ODI player, Dhoni has been consistently enterprising, batting up the order in key games, taking the initiative, playing few dot balls, and hitting the big shots when required. The 2011 World Cup final was a good example, though there have been other instances when he has played decisive innings with the bat.

As new laws has been implemented by the cricket association in which the new maximum permitted dimensions of a cricket bat will be 108mm in width, 67mm in depth with 40mm edges.The Marylebone Cricket Club’s new Code of Laws will be implemented from October 2017. From the last July MCC ruled on the bat dimensions to be changed in March this year after it received a recommendation on it. So, Dhoni can struggle to hit his trademark sixes at will once the new Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) rule on cricket bat takes effect this October.

MS Dhoni

Ricky Ponting, Kumar Sangakkara, and Sourav Ganguly are the MCC’s World Cricket committee members and they has recommended for this change.

KL Rahul, Shikhar Dhawan, and Cheteshwar Pujara have bat specifications that are identical to those of the bat used by their skipper.Indian captain Virat Kohli’s bat does not have to change his breach according to the new dimensions asserted by the MCC. All other Indian cricketers other than Dhoni have bats that do not cross the 40 mm stipulation.

Cricket owing to the popularity and changing times, it’s going through a set of changes on a regular basis. Dhoni roughly have a year and a half to get used to the bat before the ICC World Cup of 2019 starts.

As per the reports, Dhoni uses the heaviest bat with a total weight between 1250gm to 1300gm bat, with a 12-inch sweet spot, which starts from four inches above the bottom of the bat to 16 inches, the rule will affect players like David Warner, Chris Gayle and Pollard even more who have been using a bat with 50mm edge.

Dhoni is known for his unrivaled spectacle hits which mostly are huge sixes. These bottom heavy bats also allowed Dhoni to execute unthinkable strikes, like his famous Helicopter Shot. With the new rules, Dhoni will need to bat with a lighter version, thus limiting his ability.

Dhoni will be able to use his old bats till the end of Sri Lanka-India series, which ends on September 6, as his bat exceeds the limit in its criteria. So, now the Indian cricketer who played with the heavy bat will have to settle for a lighter version of his willow so as to adhere to the new set of MCC guidelines.

Unlike his predecessor, skipper Virat Kohli has no such need to change his weapon. It’s reported that Kohli and his contemporaries like AB de Villiers, Steve Smith and Joe Root ply their respective trades with ‘legal’ bats. ICC has even made the strict rules regarding on field behaviour.

Dhoni for future in international cricket has many have questions, and this issue with regards to his bat dimensions is a new problem that the right-handed batsman needs to address. The man’s game is centred around his powerful bottom hand and a swing of his heavy bat.

Virat Kohli fans must be relived by this news as along with him other Indian players like KL Rahul, Shikhar Dhawan, Cheteshwar Pujara and newcomer Rishabh Pant is already using a bat with less than 40mm edge.

We hope for the best as he might have to bring minor changes to his core game too, considering he will be using a lighter bat now.


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