Nawazuddin Finally Spokes About the Racism he Faced Recently


Whether it was Sridevi’s 300th film ‘Mum’, which was released recently or it is about doing action and dance like Tiger Shroff, Nawazuddin Siddiqui is seen in almost every major movie of Bollywood. Nawazuddin, who has worked with Bollywood’s three Khans of Bollywood, is given the status of being one of the most talented and versatile actors in Bollywood. Therefore once he speaks the world listens.

Last week after casting director Sanjay Chouhan said that co-actors cast with Nawazuddin have to be dark-skinned, the actor raised the question of racism. In a tweet posted on Twitter, the 43-year-old actor indicated that he had to color discrimination recently. Nawaz tweeted, ‘Thank you for making me feel that I cannot be taken with white and beautiful people because I am shy and do not look beautiful. But I have never given attention to it. ‘ However, the actor did not give any further information about the incident to which he wrote this post.

A lot has been aforesaid and written regarding his words. Finally he clarified the entire issue in an interview which threatened to go into difficult tangents on social prejudice.

The actor aforesaid, “I was reacting to what I examine this gentleman’s statement on the sort of actors i want to be cast with. I found the statement terribly strange. Did filmmakers actually consider the colour of my co-stars’ skin before casting them with me? Yeh ladki gori hai yeh nahin chalegi…yeh ladka saawla hai isskobanao Nawaz ka dost… Is that however actors are cast in our films? i assumed actors were chosen for quality and meri.Anyway, this gentleman says he was misquoted.”

Nawazuddin said he hates playing the victim card. “But the fact is, I have faced prejudices all my life because of my dark complexion, because of my humble background and because I come from a small village. Prejudice is embedded deep in our minds. All of us are prejudiced. It begins at home where the mother says, ‘Beta gori bahu le aao tab bachche kale nahin honge.’ As if my criteria for choosing a life partner must be the colour of her skin.”


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