Woman Biker Jagruti Hogale Lost her Life Because of a Pothole, in Mumbai


Bikes and Bike rides are the two words which will make any boy go crazy because Bikes are something which is associated to male section of the society but she was something different, she wanted to something unique, she wanted to prove that Bikes are not only associated with Male section of the society. We are talking about the 34 year old Jagruti Hogale who was the member of the women only bikers’ club. Jagruti was the woman biker from Kalanagar in Bandra lost her life on Sunday while she was driving her 350cc Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

Jagruti had come on a trip with two other members of his biking club. But in an attempt to overtake a truck, she lost control when her bike got trapped in a pot and she got crushed by a truck. The accident took place on Sunday morning. When she got out of the house for a trip, it was raining. The accident happened at Dahanu-Jawahar Road.People who witnessed this accident told that, Jagruti came into the contact of the back tyre of the truck, she got deep injuries in her head, and people who were present at the scene admitted her into the nearby hospital where she was declared dead by the Doctors. Preliminary investigation by the Kasa police, which recorded statements of bikers Mrunal Nair and Dnyada Maskar, both residents of Navi Mumbai and members of Bikerni Motorcycle Club, revealed the pothole Jagruti crashed into was filled with water and she probably didn’t realise its depth.

Statements from fellow bikers and eyewitnesses revealed Jagruti was riding at a normal speed, and landed in a pothole as she tried overtaking a truck. “Eyewitnesses told us her bike was inches away from the truck as she fell. She was wearing a helmet, but got crushed and died on the spot,” a police officer who was one of the first to reach the spot, told Mumbai Mirror.

Sudden demise of Jagruti left her fellow bike riders into the state of shock, Urvashi Patole, founder of Bikerni, was inconsolable when Jagruti’s pyre was lit. “She was a part of several biking expeditions,” Patole said.”She was an example of what a person can achieve. Apart from riding bikes, Jagruti was a long-distance runner, a trekker, and a member of the Morya Dhol Tasha Patthak,” Patole added.

Jaguriti leaves behind her husband Viraj and their nine-year-old son Harshit, and her funeral on Sunday night witnessed several bikers from across the city mourning her demise.


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