19 Year Old Lost her Life During Zip Linging Class


A shocking incident has happened in a girls’ college in Jaipur. During college training, a student died due to falling from the 7th floor of the college. The college was providing training in mountain climbing, but an unfortunate incident happened during the training. One of the girls taking the training suddenly fell on the ground from the seventh floor and lost her life.

The girl who lost her life in the incident was the daughter of the trainer of the camp. This sad accident happened due to lack in safety measures during the training. According to the media, Aditi Sanghai, a student of ICA Girls College, Jaipur lost her life.

The whole incident was captured in a camera, in a video one can easily see that the girl started falling down from the 7th floor of the college building. She tried to catch the rope but failed to do so and land on the ground. After the mishap she was rushed to the nearby metro hospital and during her treatment she lost her life. Aditi’s father Sunil was himself a trainer at the camp, but he could not save his daughter.

According to the college administration, Aditi was also a part of her father’s team that was giving the mountaineering demonstration.

Registrar of the university, Raakhi Gupta said in a statement released to the media, “Sunil Sanghi is a trained instructor and imparts training every year to students of many educational institutions. It has been verified by Aditi Sanghi’s father in his testimony to the police that the above incident is an unfortunate accident.”


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