Chinese Foreign Minister Blames India for Doklam Military Stand Off


The foreign minister of China, Wang Yi, faults India for prompting the ongoing confrontation near the Sikkim border, saying that India to withdraw its border troops to resolve the issue. He is the senior-most Chinese official to comment on the Doklam dispute so far, which has entered into the second month and pushed bilateral talks to a lukewarm low. In a statement published by the Chinese foreign ministry quoted him as saying to the reporters in Thailand that Indian officials had “admitted” that Chinese troops had not crossed the border into the Indian territory. Thus, he claimed that Indian soldiers had crossed the Chinese territory.

“Problem was very straightforward,” Yi told reporters, and that “even Indian officials publicly said that Chinese soldiers didn’t enter the Indian territory. In other words, Indian side admitted (crossing) into Chinese territory”.  He also added that the resolution of the issue is very “simple” that “Indian troops have to go out”. Interestingly, Wang’s statement came just days before the scheduled visit of India’s national security advisor AK Doval to Beijing for a BRICS security summit. China, however, has, again and again, said that the only condition for talks to resolve the dispute is the withdrawal of Indian soldiers to its side of the border.

A “meaningful dialogue” between NSA Doval and top Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi on the continuing Doklam issue could take place as the two could meet for the bilateral talks during a Doval’s visit to Beijing security summit later this week. But it seems like that China is not interested in having any talks with the New Delhi on this matter. The foreign ministry spokesperson, Lu Kang, said that “The crux now is Indian border troops illegally stayed on China’s territory. Once again we urge India to pull back to the Indian side of the boundary. I want to stress that this is a precondition for any meaningful talks between the two sides”. On the other hand, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has also made a strong statement on Monday.

The defence ministry spokesman and deputy director-general of information office Col Wu Qian on Monday said, “The willingness and resolve of China to defend its sovereignty is indomitable and we will safeguard our sovereignty whatever the cost.” The issue between the border troops of both the countries started from the middle of the June when Indian troops were alleged to have been stopping a road construction project carried out by the Chinese soldiers on the Donglang (Doklam) plateau in the Tibet Autonomous Region. That disputed area is under the control of the Chinese but claimed by Bhutan, which has not any diplomatic agreements with Beijing.


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