26 Soldiers Killed, 13 Injured in Taliban Attack on Kandahar Base Afghanistan


In the latest attack in a Taliban attack on a military base in the southern Kandahar area, at least 26 Afghan soldiers were killed 13 injured, said the defence ministry on Wednesday. The fresh slow down to the country’s struggling security forces. The MoD spokesman General Dawlat Waziri said that the militants “attacked an army camp in the Karzali area of the Khakrez district of Kandahar last night”. He added that the Afghani soldiers “bravely resisted” and killed more than 80 insurgents.

The locals in the area depicted an hour-long attack by the 30-strong group having “hundreds” of Taliban who assaulted the bottom from many ways. A number of locals told AFP that Air support was called in, even though it had not been straight away affirmed by the officials. The insurgents, however, took the responsibility of the attack through their Twitter handle. On the other hand, the refreshed Taliban have been rising up their campaign against beleaguered government forces, indicating an increase in insecurity in the war-torn country through the summer fighting season when the warmer climate will encourage a rise in militant attacks. Harassed by a high death toll, desertions, and non-existent “ghost soldiers” on the payroll, the Afghan security forces have been battling to beat again insurgents since US-led NATO soldiers finished their combat mission in December 2014.

As per the US watchdog SIGAR, the casualties amongst the Afghan security forces raised by 35 percent in 2016, and 6,800 police and soldiers were killed. In 2017, the insurgents have done a more multifaceted attack against security forces, with SIGAR explaining troop casualties in the first area of the year as “shockingly high”. No less than 135 soldiers are alleged to have been killed in April on a base outside the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif, which was one of the destructive ever Taliban attacks on a military set up. According to some sources, the toll was more than 200. Even in this March, gunmen disguised as doctors attacked the Sardar Daud Khan hospital – the country’s largest military hospital – in Kabul, killing dozens of people.

Notably, the Taliban has a big amount of poppy-growing Kandahar region and also have initiated repeated attack on security forces, including many assaults on military bases in May that killed a large number of soldiers. According to a recent UN report, it showed that Kandahar, which shares the border with Pakistan, was also one of the very most dangerous places in the country for the residents. The officials said that a lot more than 70 villagers were kidnapped by the Taliban over the weekend of which seven were found dead and 30 came back, whereas the Afghan police have started a search and rescue drive the rest of the remaining. According to SIGAR, the forces of Afghan now control 59.7 percent of the country, more from 57.2 percent in the last quarter.


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