Lizard Found in the Food Served in Poorva Express, Railway Food Totally Unfit


Today (26 July, 2017) in Poorva Express a passenger was served onboard food in which he found a dead lizard. The railways have ordered a probe into the incident.

Just few days before the Comptroller and the Auditor General (CAG) of India in the audit report showed that food served by Indian Railways to its passengers is unfit for their health, as the consumption can cause many diseases, a shocking incident of negligence by railway authorities has come to light.

Today a dead lizard was found in the food served to a onboard passenger, soon after the incident took place the passenger immediately complained about it to the railway minister on Twitter.

the passenger said ” I ordered the food in Mokama and found this. I complained to the TTE, canteen manager, and tweeted it to the railway minister,” He further added that this type of negligence is not good, and Railways should take strict action against it. He said that after his complain he was given medicine late. The incident took place near Chandauli in Uttar Pradesh.

Kishor Kumar, DRM Danapur Division soon after the tweet, assured to take action against the said incident. He signed “A check-up was done in Danapur Division and he was given medicine. Action will be taken after investigation,” DRM assured.

In a bid to fix the issues the Indian railways terminated the contract with the catering services, only after few hours the incident was reported, and Indian Railways issued a 48 hour notice and currently has terminated catering contract of Poorva Express. The catering contract on Poorva Express was given to RK Associates on 15 May 2014 for five years. In a series of tweets, the Ministry of Railways announced its decision to terminate the contract.

“The railways said that the caterer was fined Rs 10 lakh last year, while this year they were fined Rs 7.5 lakh.” In one of the Tweets.

CAG in this week only complained about the various indiscilpinaries which were taking place in the catering services in the Indian railways. As per the report now it has become very clear that the articles that are being provided at railway stations and in trains were unfit for human consumption.

Even the fruit juices, biscuits and flavoured milk being sold at railway stations were also found to be unsuitable for human consumption in the inspection by CAG team. The extensive report threw light on foods infested with insects and unsold food items were recycled by the caterers.


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