RBI to Stop Printing Rs. 2000 Notes, What's Next to Come?


The Reserve Bank of India has already stopped printing notes of rupees 2000 and has put in its full focus on the printing of 200 rupees and other small notes. People who are connected with this matter have confirmed this news. They also informed that the Central Bank also does not want to print the note of 2000 this year.

Rs 200 Bank Note

After the ban in November 2016, the government issued notes of Rs 2,000 in order to overcome the shortcomings of people’s cash as soon as possible. Despite this, people were having a lot of problems with small notes. On the other hand, they were also struggling to do transitions from the 2000 note, because people had very small amounts of small notes. That is why the Reserve Bank of India is now preparing to print small notes.

One of the people associated with this case told that about 370 crore notes of 2000 rupees have been printed, whose total cost is about 7.4 lakh crore rupees, that is a lot more than the cost of Rs 1000, which were withdrawn from the market after the ban on November 9, 2016. Let us tell you that notes of 6.3 billion rupees were withdrawn at that time.According to the information received, the Reserve Bank of India has issued notes of about 14 billion notes of rupees 500 after demonetisation. On the other hand, 15.7 billion notes of 500 rupees were withdrawn from the market after demonetisation, which were worth 7.85 trillion rupees.


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