DIG Roopa Served with the Legal Suit of Worth 50 Crore in Defamation Case


DIG Roopa who alleged that V.K Shashikala is getting special treatment in jail, is served with Rs 50 crore defamation suit by HN Satyanarayan Rao, DGP, Karnataka. According to the agency’s report, the notice sent by Rao to Rupa has said that, she has to publish an apology in all the major newspapers within three days. If this is not done, he will file both the criminal and civil case against Roopa. In the notice he also mentioned the damage that he has suffered from this incident and that is an estimated amount of 50 crores.

DGP Rao said the allegations levelled against him have caused severe damage to his name and integrity besides causing mental distress. He also argued that if Roopa was able to take pictures of the prison premises, then how is it possible that she missed taking photos of Sasikala getting special treatment in her cell.

Rao added he would approach the Income Tax Department to find out the “source from where the alleged Rs 2 crore was mobilised, who carried it, who is its recipient and where is it stored, so that the guilty of various provisions of tax laws are brought to book,” PTI reported.

DIG Roopa had exposed the corruption in the Parappana Agrahara Prison and come out with a report saying that AIADMK chief Shashikala, who is serving the sentence in the Central Jail in Bangalore, is getting VVIP facilities. In which many senior prison staff are allowing illegal activities. DIG Jail D Rupa had said that the Central Jail staff is giving VIP treatment to Shashikala. For which the transaction of 2 crore rupees has been done.


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