How Swimming is Helpful in Burning Calories? How Many Calories Does it Burn?


There are many ways to work out, but Swimming is the best workout for burning calories and losing weight. For each Kilogram of your body weight, swimming burns almost 0.1 to 0.14 calories per minute. If your weight is almost 150 pounds, you can expect to burn nearly 200 plus calories in just 30 minutes.  This amount of calorie burning is better in comparison to cycling or running as well as it is much better than walking. In swimming also there are some strokes such as the butterfly or breaststroke is capable of burning more calories.  

What if you can lose 400-500 calories without breaking a sweat? Yes, swimming is here for you! You can easily burn a couple of hundred calories in approximately half an hour in the pool. Once you discover the advantages you get from swimming, you will maintain staying with swimming rather than going back to hot sweaty routine.

There are enormous reasons why you should keep this full body workout on your fitness routine. Read out the reasons and benefits here:

Swimming Is A Great Full-Body Exercise. Swimming is a complete workout for your body and there are many reasons why it is a good option for you.

  • Low-impact cardio: Fit cardio exercise into your daily exercise routine keeps your heart rate going. Swimming is helpful for you in doing so without putting stress on your joints the way high-impact routines of aerobics or dance-based exercise do.
  • Strength/resistance training: Despite of  improving your cardiovascular health, swimming is capable of toning your muscles and helping you to build strength like resistance exercises do.
  • Better endurance: It also helps you in building your endurance.
  • Improved lung capacity: As this helps you in building stamina, your lung capacity automatically improve too.
  • Full body workout: This is a full body workout in actual sense, as swimming includes almost all the muscles in our body into exercise, that leaves you revived and energized.
  • Lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke: Swimming on regular basis can reduce your risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even stroke.
  • Weight loss: And all these advantages are not enough to get you going, how do weight loss and a boost to your mood sound?

Isn’t it an amazing way to lose weight without going for time taking and tough routine of work out? If you are also on your way to lose some weight and get a great body shape then, SWIMMING is the way you should choose.


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