Pervez Musharraf was Planning to Use Nuclear Bomb on India in 2001


Former Pakistani military ruler General Pervez Musharraf has said that he was contemplating the use of nuclear weapons in the tension after the terrorist attack on Indian Parliament. But he was thinking of doing that as a counter-action. Musharraf (73) is currently living outside the country to avoid cases against him in Pakistani courts. In an interview with a Japanese newspaper, Musharraf recalled that he did not sleep many nights after thinking about deploying nuclear weapons on the fronts.

The terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament took place in December 2001. After this the tension between the two countries had increased considerably. In the beginning of 2002, things became so bad that threats were being made from both sides and there was danger of nuclear war. As President, Musharraf did not rule out publicly denying the use of nuclear weapons at that time.

When tensions were high in 2002, there was a “danger when (the) nuclear threshold could have been crossed,” the paper quoted Musharraf as saying.

Musharraf said during that time neither Pakistan nor India had fitted in nuclear weapons missiles. This process takes one to two days. Perhaps the two countries do not use nuclear weapons. Thank God it did not happen.  It is notable that Musharraf captured Pakistan’s power from Nawaz Sharif in 1999. After that there was a terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament. At that time, India’s Prime Minister was Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

The two countries subsequently avoided an all-out clash and tensions subsided.

The then army chief Musharraf ousted the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a coup in October 1999. The army general served as president from 2001 to 2008.

Musharraf has been living in Dubai since last year when he was allowed to leave Pakistan on pretext of medical treatment. He has been charged with involvement in the murder of the former two-time prime minister Benazir Bhutto in 2007.


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