Leaving Bill Gates Behind Jeff Became Richest Man in the World


Jeff Bezos, founder of e-commerce retailer Amazon, became the world’s richest man for a few hours. He left behind the Microsoft founder Bill Gates in the race of richest man. In fact, Amazon’s stock has gained about 2.5% due to the increase in their wealth. However, this growth disappeared when the stock market was closed. With this, Bill Gates again became the richest in the world. Jeff Bezos has reached this position due to the boom in US technology company shares. This claim was made in an estimate of Forbes Magazine.

Magazine said that Bezos’s financial and non-financial assets worth 90.5 billion US dollars in the morning, while Gates has an asset of 90 billion US dollars.

However, shortly after, Bezos slipped back to second slot because the lead made by Amazon shares declined. Bezos has around 17 percent equity in Amazon. According to Forbes, Gates is the richest person in the magazine’s annual ranking from last four years.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is also in the list with the assets of  approximately US $ 72.9 billion. Most of Bezos’s assets are in the Amazon, while he is also the owner of Blue Origin Company and the ‘Washington Post’ newspaper.


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