Nitish Kumar Once Again the CM of Bihar, Won the floor Test by 131 Votes


Nitish Kumar has won the floor test in Bihar Assembly. The Opposition fumed up today but after all, Nitish got the votes of 131 voters and the opposition got only 108. After marking the victory in the Bihar Vidhan Sabha, the RJD leaders walked out of the House and the proceedings of the House have been postponed.

The special session of the assembly began from 11 am this morning, the floor test happened in the lobby of the Vidhan Sabha.After the voting started in the assembly, one by one member came there and signed upon the register. Nitish has won the floor test, but seeing RJD’s tone, it seems that the government will have to face a strong opposition for the first time.To prove majority in the assembly, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar reached Vidhan Sabha at 10:30 in the morning, Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi also reached the House shortly after his arrival. After Nitish Kumar presented the trust vote in the assembly, Radhakrishna attacked Nitish several serious allegations.

Amid of all the drama between opposition party and ruling party, Nitish Kumar before seeking trust vote said that, “To be in power devolves great responsibility to govern, not earn. Yeh sewa ka Avsar hai, na ki mewa ka (It is an opportunity to serve, not profit.” He also added that, “I faced lot of resistance trying to run the government in the best interest of people of Bihar and preserve the mahagathbandhan, but failed due to RJD’s attitude.”

After attacking RJD, Nitish Kumar aimed at Congress and said, they were not able to gather 25 seats and we provided them 40 seats. Speaking further he said that, “The power is not to earn money. I have taken this decision for the people and this government will work for the people of Bihar. Do not teach the lessons of any communalism. Today is the day of Jumma and I do not want any ruckus.”

Tejasvi Yadav, while attacking on Nitish Yadav served him with some serious allegations. He also said that, Bihar’s population had given support to this grand alliance for next five years but by breaking the grand alliance, Nitish Kumar has cheated the population of Bihar.

The RJD-led opposition secured 108 votes. Four legislators did not vote, two on technical grounds and one calling sick. Two of the four independent legislators voted for Kumar in the House of 243.

Speaker Vijay Kumar Choudhary turned the demand of the RJD and Congress for a secret ballot.

Before the vote, opposition leader and former deputy chief minister, Tejashwi Yadav, made an emotional speech, dismissing corruption charges against him were cooked up.

“I am young. Only 28. It was my success, which unnerved the JD (U), which plotted for my removal,” he said, adding that Kumar was aware of his “honesty”.

“Is there any charge against me in the last 20 months of impropriety during my tenure in office?… If it was about corruption, the JD (U) should not have allied with my father, who was facing cases; yet it happened,” he said.

“The chief minister never ever asked for my resignation either,” he said.

Senior BJP leader, Nand Kishore Yadav, alleged that RJD chief Lalu Prasad ran the government through his son Tejashwi.

Sushil Kumar Modi, the deputy chief minister who replaced Tejashwi, said, “I thank the Congress and the RJD for not asking Tejashwi to resign. Had that happened, I would not have been on the right side.”

“If the RJD insists that the mandate was not followed, it should introspect, whether it was for the likes of Mohammad Shahabuddin and Rajballabh Yadav? It is better now, that the government is in right hands,” he said, referring to two controversial aides of Lalu.

“The new government will register fresh milestones in successful governance, which was lacking in the last regime due to RJD’s intransigence,” he added.


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